Break Through the Fog

Florence May Chadwick may not be a name you are familiar with today, but in 1950, she became the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions.

Two years later, she became the subject of sermons and “morale-building” speeches around the world, after she tried to swim the 26 miles between Catalina Island and the California coastline, only to give up about one mile from the shoreline. Her reason for stopping? It wasn’t exhaustion or sharks or any other underwater inhabitants that impeded her mission. No, the decision to quit was based solely on the fog that prevented her from seeing land.

In an interview the next day, Florence said that despite having people in nearby boats — including her mother — who kept telling her she was not far from the coast, she chose to believe her doubts, which were primarily driven by her inability to see. She added that if she had only believed that she was that close to reaching her destination she would have never forfeited the challenge.

Florence’s story struck me as interesting because I equate the fog she referred to with something Satan does in our lives. As the author of lies, deceit and confusion, he often uses these elements to blur our vision and discourage us from the goal that God has placed before us.

overcome discouragement fog

Now contrast that description to Christ.

Jesus is the giver of life, or more accurately, the giver of “full” life. He came, died and was resurrected, and through these remarkable events He gave us victory over every dark, difficult and disappointing situation we may encounter in this life.

As we prepare for the Easter season, Some of you might be in a place of fog. You can’t see clearly what’s ahead of you. You might even be wondering if God is with you at all because the fog has been with you for a long time and you’re almost at the brink of abandoning hope.

If these feelings come upon you, I encourage you to listen to the only voice that matters: God’s. Remember that Christ came for you, that you are greatly loved, and that you matter. And for these reasons and more, He will get you through the fog. So continue persevering; continue trusting Him. By doing so, you might even find out that you are closer to landfall or a breakthrough than you think.

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  1. Michelle April 14, 2015

    What an excellent post!!! I’m so happy that I stumbled upon it.. 🙂 Thank you so much.

  2. Jennifer Farris April 4, 2014

    I needed this so much. Thank you.

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