On Being a Sponsor. And Passing Through the Fire.

woman and boy holding hands while walking and talking

One day all of our works on this earth will go through the fire. And those works, they will burn and bring loss. Or endure and bring reward.

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Nicaragua at a Glance

A poster titled Compassion Bloggers in Nicaragua with a girl in an orange dress

Twice a year we take a team of bloggers to the developing world to learn about our ministry. This week the team is in Nicaragua. Take a glance at what the bloggers will witness firsthand.

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three Guatemalan children

Tour a Church and Child Development Center in Guatemala

From Cristo Rey de Gloria Student Center (GU-970) in Guatemala. Shaun Groves takes you on a two-minute tour of the child development center and shows you what it looks and sounds like when the children are there.

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boy holding letter

When Compassion Becomes a Gold Rush

How do you abandon a child to poverty when you’ve looked right into the begging whites of his eyes?

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infographic depicting Compassion blog goals

Where Do You Want to Go? The Compassion Blog “Rethunk”

This blog post has one purpose: to refine the vision for the Compassion blog. That might mean we simply affirm what the blog’s purpose has been for the last few years. Or it might mean we come up with something new. Either way, now is the time to tell us what we should focus on.

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when does a boy become a man

When Does a Boy Become a Man?

A boy becomes a man when he understands and consistently demonstrates through humble surrender to God that the Lord’s strength abounds in human frailty.

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man sitting on bus

And The Church Grows

George was teaching the bible and some people came and poured gasoline on him. He kept preaching. They told him to stop or they would light a match. He kept preaching.

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seeds sitting on top of soil

The Planting Is So Very Good

Barring something totally unexpected, Sophie will never witness the harvest of the seeds she planted in Ecuador. But, she is no less invested in the outcome just because she may not see it in person.

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An Oasis of Talent in the Mire of Mathare Valley

The Saturday program at Mathare Community Outreach begins by focusing on the spiritual development of the children. It starts with devotions and worship and is followed by 30 minutes of small group Bible study.

For the children who have accepted Christ as their Savior, the center staff conduct a discipleship class which occurs during the Bible study.

In addition to the spiritual development of the children, the center has programs to address the physical, social and economic needs of the children.

The key factor in creating a stable economic future for the children is education; education is the key.

But beyond focusing on excellence in school, the center staff help identify and develop the talents of the children, musically and artistically, so they have even greater opportunities to succeed.

The center has a cooking program, choir and music program and drama team and works with the children to develop their public speaking abilities.

Here’s a sample of what the kids are producing.


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Chris Giovagnoni with young boy

Being a Sponsor is Not Easy

Dreams are made with sweat and discomfort, effort and uncertainty and moments of success and failure. They’re kneaded together with sacrifice and generosity and held together with drive, perseverance and surrender.

Relationships are like that too. And so is sponsorship.

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The Happiest Day of a Sponsored Child’s Life

If you can’t visit your children, and we understand that it’s not always possible, you need to know this. It’s an absolute truth. Your sponsored children want to hear from you!

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Sponsor a Singing Bunny!

Apparently, a singing bunny has made its way into our child sponsorship program in El Salvador. The Compassion Bloggers saw it.

Sponsor a singing bunny in El Salvador.

Watch the singing bunny video and subscribe to Compassion YouTube for more stories.

Thanks for the video Patricia.

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