“Would You Like Me to Marry You Right Now?”

man and woman posing with three children

When Joe Castillo went to Colombia to visit his sponsored child, he did not expect to attend a wedding, much less perform the ceremony.

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Discovering a Piece of Ministry History

Michael W. Smith sitting with two Kenyan children

Poking around the ministry archives, a commercial recording from a famous ministry spokesperson was discovered. Who do you think it could be?

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portrait of Bob Lenz

Meet Our Friend, Bob Lenz

Bob Lenz is one of our ministry’s speaker partners. Poverty takes many forms, and Bob Lenz has given his life to helping young people who struggle most with poverty of the heart.

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young girl embracing smiling man

Stop Watching and Start Doing

When EJ Swanson stood in his sponsored child’s tiny, nearly un-liveable house with walls leaning sideways, spiders in the rafters and a muddy floor, it hit him: “Sooner or later, we have to stop watching, and do something!”

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