How Can Repetition Get the Creative Juices Flowing?

statue of Jesus with outstretched arms

As we enter the home stretch of Blog Month, you may be feeling a little low on creativity and words. Let this little exercise help get those creative juices flowing.

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How Is Creativity in Education Changing Young Lives?

young boy on a surfboard

For us, education is as diverse as our children. From Taekwondo to bead making to surfing, our children do more than sit at a desk.

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Join the Second Friday Letter Writing Club on Pinterest

Join the Letter Writing Club on Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful place for us to connect as sponsors and share letter writing ideas. Building on the online letter writing event that Compassion has on the second Friday of every month, we’ve created a new Pinterest board for letter writing and you are welcome to join us as a contributor.

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man standing in doorway of building

One Step Forward: Replacing Adversity with Creativity

In the midst of post election violence in Kenya one entire church was burned down. We lost all of our paperwork and child documentation — nothing was left.

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Kenyan man in traditional dress with hand on head

Without Change and Innovation Ministries Die

When was the last time you saw someone in your life who may have been the right person for a job, but who lacked passion and creativity?

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