The Value of Sports in the Life of a Child

value of sports

Sports teach children about unity and trust, about how to express themselves more freely and sports can help children discover their gifts and talents.

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Missions in Action: Episode Three

A man in a blue shirt with a girl in a red shirt and a tree in the background

In the third Missions in Action episode we get to visit with our Special Olympics Bronze Medalist, Emilda Soriano.

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girl running down track

Run Emilda!

Emilda’s first race at the Special Olympics Summer Games in Athens, Greece is today, June 26, at 1 a.m. MDT. Division competitions run until June 29. If Emilda wins in these, she qualifies to continue running for a chance to win medals.

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three people sitting on tombstones

Finding Purpose Among the Dead

Vilma chose to hope that she — a woman whom others look down upon because she lives in a cemetery and dropped out of school to clean houses at age 13 — has a purpose too.

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woman with girl in track uniform

Training for the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games

Emilda is competing at the 2011 Greece Special Olympics in June and we are watching her train. She has been training daily since February, with her mother as a constant and faithful companion.

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Filipino girl with parents and pastor

What Are You Doing?

Jesus has come into our lives, and because of that, somehow there is the light and the certainty that things will be better. What you are doing for Emilda has inspired the children of the student center, as well as our church. The possibility of Emilda going to the Special Olympics sets the bar of hope so much higher for everyone.

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girl in starters position on running track

This Is Where You Come In

Child development specialists say that 18-year-old Emilda Soriano has the mental capacity of a 3-year-old. But this hasn’t prevented her from qualifying to represent the Philippines in track and field at the International Special Olympics in Athens, Greece this summer. Let’s raise the money to send Emilda to Greece.

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Girl with a woman and man holding a baby

The Making of a Special Olympics Champion

“My problem was she couldn’t run in a straight line,” Coach Gen explains. In several of the local competitions in Iloilo, Emilda lost some races because she would crisscross from lane to lane.

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