From Hunger to Hope: A Brave Girl Named Norah

Norah’s mother, a hairdresser, and her father, a soldier in the Rwandan army, worked hard to provide for their daughter. But when war and genocide tore through Rwanda in 1994, it also ripped a hole straight through Norah’s heart.

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Inspiring People Who Live in Poverty AND Help Others

Keysha is wearing an orange shirt and light jeans. She is standing outside with her friend and is holding a bouquet of pink and yellow flowers.

These inspiring people have a strong motivation to help others. Despite growing up in poverty and not always having everything they need, they share what they DO have!

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A woman holds a baby in her lap

I Will Never See My Children Starve Again

When the COVID-19 pandemic threatened Mary’s family with starvation yet again, the church stepped in with a long-term solution to feed her family.

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A group of children sit on the floor in a line, eating plates of rice. Report: Hunger Is on the Rise in the World

Report: Hunger Is on the Rise Around the World

According to a new report, the number of people around the world who are hungry is growing.

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Skip a Meal signs

One Meal One Day: Skip a Meal to Feed a Family

If you skip a meal, how can you feed an entire family? Hear how one teenager started a movement at her school to help fight world hunger…and how you can join her.

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one meal one day strong

One Meal One Day: Survive or Thrive

Children in extreme poverty don’t have the choice to eat walnuts to fight cholesterol, or watermelon to fight cancer, or spinach to fight diabetes. They can’t choose foods to help them thrive. They need basic nourishment to simply SURVIVE.

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one meal one day

Skip a Meal and Change a Child’s World

It is time to stand up for the millions without food, for those who have no voice. It is time to be God’s light and share the hope He brings.

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World Poverty Day Poster

World Poverty Day: Will You Share the Need?

One billion children world-wide lack basic needs such as food, shelter and clean water. Please share today, World Poverty Day, how blessed we are and how great the need is.

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three children eating from large bowl

The Thing About Tummy Rubs

Today is World Food Day. A day to realize how blessed we are just for having a chance to eat a meal and get a full tummy.

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Jimmy Wambua with children

My Sponsor Wiped My Mother’s Tears Away

I celebrate my sponsorship with Compassion because through the relationship with my sponsor, I caught the fire of hope. Sponsorship puts hope in the hearts of children and in return these children serve the rest of the world with that hope.

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Chasing Off the Leopard of Hunger in Uganda

In July 2009, a cry for help went up in parts of northern and eastern Uganda as many people succumbed to the severe and persistent drought that swept across half of the nation. Soroti district was one of the localities that was hardest hit. However, this cry was not new to this part of the country.

Every year Soroti district is listed as a statistic for emergency help. It is said to be one of the districts with the highest levels of poverty in the country, with a very low education level and inhabitants ignorant of cultivation skills. Many have painful memories of war.

With unpredictable weather, from hot and dry conditions that lead to drought and famine, to strong winds and rain that destroy homes and crops, the inhabitants of the land never know what to expect of fickle nature and how to overcome the damage left behind.

To the local inhabitants, the hunger and famine that come with the changing seasons is a leopard looking for the helpless and hopeless to devour. But for a few people in the community, it is time to fight back.

For the beneficiaries of the Asuret and Victory Outreach Orwadai Child Development Centers, it is time to hunt down and chase the “leopard,” and banish it for good.


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H is for Hunger

Here’s a sad bedtime story: One out of seven people in the world go to bed hungry every night, victims of extreme poverty.

You can help them have a happier ending –

an open book with boy on a mat

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