Inspiring People Who Live in Poverty AND Help Others

These inspiring people have a strong motivation to help others. Despite growing up in poverty and not always having everything they need, they share what they DO have!

The Preaching Kid

Cristina is wearing a white shirt with pink sleeves and a black skirt. She is being recorded with a cell phone in front of her Compassion center, sharing a word of encouragement.
Cristina shares the gospel on Preaching Kids’ YouTube channel.

Cristina was enrolled in the Child Sponsorship Program in El Salvador at age 3, so she received many physical gifts like medical access, good nutrition and new clothes. But at the same time, she was strengthened emotionally and spiritually and eventually became a believer in Christ. Tutors recognized her ability to relate to other people and connect with them from an early age.

By age 11, she had enrolled in an evangelism program run by six Compassion centers called Predi Kids — or “Preaching Kids” in English — to use her gift for others. Cristina’s favorite memory from the program (so far) is sharing the gospel at an evangelism event in a local park. Twelve people believed in Christ because of her testimony! And now her younger brother wants to share the gospel as a part of Preaching Kids too! At 14, Cristina remains secure in her calling to lead people to Christ: “God called me to talk about him to others that don’t know about him.”

A Change in Goals

Amani, one of our inspiring people, is seen here kneeling down, wearing a white and blue shirt. The children are standing all around him while he talks to them.

Growing up in Tanzania, Amani and his siblings often had to fend for themselves because their parents lived elsewhere while working to support the family. As a sponsored child, Amani came to think of the people at his Compassion center as a second family. He also discovered a deep love for soccer, or football as it’s known in Tanzania, at the center. He dreamed of being a professional footballer. Eventually, though, he had to give up this dream as he attended college and got a degree in informational technology and international languages.

But God still had a plan for Amani’s passion for soccer! Amani was given the opportunity to take over a soccer program, Lengo Academy, from a friend. Under Amani, Lengo went from 20 kids to 200 in just four years! Both boys and girls are welcomed, breaking stereotypes about what girls can do, and the academy pays some school expenses. Amani explains why he took over: “From a young age, Compassion planted a seed of service inside me. … I could not make it as a footballer, but God put Lengo in my path. I can say the mission is still the same: to make sure children in my community have the opportunity I never had.”

Five Handfuls of Rice

Keysha helps others. She is wearing an orange shirt and light jeans. She is standing outside with her friend and is holding a bouquet of pink and yellow flowers.
Inspiring people: Keysha, in the orange shirt, and her friend delivered rice to hungry people in their community.

In the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown in Indonesia, 9-year-old Keysha and her family were surviving on food packs from her Compassion center. Though she had so little herself, Keysha knew that others in her community were close to starvation and she was not. She decided she had to help them — by giving them five handfuls of rice and a small amount of money. That may sound random, but not to Keysha! In her words: “I knew that Jesus only had five loaves of bread and two fish. The number is not huge, but he was able to feed so many people. The five handfuls of rice are like the five loaves of bread that Jesus used to feed 5,000, and the money is like the two fish.”

Keysha multiplied her gifts by asking friends and tutors from her Compassion center to help others too. Many of them were also living from center food packs, but they all contributed generously. In the end, Keysha was able to raise 165 pounds of rice and about $40 in just a month! The children delivered the food to elderly people and an orphan in their community. Because of the inspiring people in the community and Keysha’s generous heart, her Compassion center has started a monthly group for parents of Compassion kids where they bring donations to share with the community. And it all started with five handfuls of rice!

Gang Leader to Teen Pastor

Oscar is inspiring people by speaking about identity to a group of 15-18 years old with his Bible in hand, wearing a gray sweatshirt.

Abused and then abandoned by his parents, Oscar was raised by his grandparents from age 1 in the Dominican Republic. Classmates made fun of him for practically being an orphan, and neighbors told him he would end up a drug addict and a thief. He was registered in a Compassion program, but he quickly went down a violent and bitter path and often acted out at the center. He joined a gang, but his life was turned around at age 16 after he was nearly shot during a theft. This shock caused Oscar to invite his fellow gang members to a youth service at the partner church for his Compassion center, where they all gave their lives to Christ!

Oscar now tutors three classes at the Compassion center he graduated from. He is also involved in his church as the vice president of the theater ministry, youth ministry president and coordinator of the regional youth ministry of the church council. He preaches in churches all over the area. About the change in his life, Oscar says, “Now, instead of going out to steal with them, I influence other youth to go to church with me. In the bad things I was their leader, and now that I am a changed man, I am still their leader, but for good, for guiding them to Jesus.”

Teaching Many “Moseses”

Daniel, wearing a purple sweater, is with a group of children at the Compassion project. The children are sitting at wooden desks and Daniel is standing in the front of the classroom. There is a chalkboard behind him.

Daniel grew up in an Ethiopian neighborhood plagued by extreme poverty and addiction. Thankfully, he was able to enroll in the Child Sponsorship Program, where he was given the foundation to dream about his future. More importantly, he believed in Christ through his sponsorship because of the biblical principles he learned. Though he has graduated, Daniel has not forgotten the hope he was given through Compassion.

Now, he helps other Compassion children find hope and motivation too. Every Saturday morning, Daniel teaches a Bible class to give children foundational truths that they can build their lives on. He is energized as he thinks about the impact of his class: “Not once did I feel that I am teaching just children. It is one Moses that led the Israelites out of Egypt. I passionately believe that I am given the privilege to teach many Moseses who will influence and unify the nation. If I can impact children and cause them to base their outlook on the Bible, then that is my success.”

Photography and reporting by Vera Aurima, Tigist Gizachew, Eric Lema, Yrahisa Mateo and Alejandra Zuniga.

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  1. Sally Akehi August 9, 2021

    Sally Akehi
    My husband and I support a young girl in Thailand. We enjoy so much writing to her and receiving her letters! And I really enjoy reading and learning about all the wonderful stories your staff write about! So much ingenuity and creativity from these children who are themselves living through difficult times with their families.
    We live in a place for senior citizens and at this place there is a minister who shares the gospel with us every week. I will print out a copy of this newsletter for him, because he preached a sermon about the feeding of the 5000! It was amazing to me to read how Keysha and her friend created a plan and ended up collecting “165 pounds of rice and about $40.00 in just a month”!! What an example of God bringing about a miracle through these girls!! Thank you for sharing their story! Sally Akehi

    1. Nicole August 10, 2021

      Sally, thank you for your kind words! We are so grateful for how you and your husband have been investing in your precious girl’s life, and I personally love how Keysha’s story has inspired you to share it with your minister. We are honored to be partnered with you and stand in agreement that we serve a God of miracles. ?

  2. Patricia Crowder August 8, 2021

    Each of these stories is so very inspiring and an encouragement to those of us who sponsor to keep doing what we believe God wants us to do for others. God is so good, he can always take a desperate situation and turn it to good. Thank you for sharing these stories. We must all pray that each of these inspiration young ones are able to continue the good work they are doing for God. May God bless them abundantly as well as the Compassion centers who have been there for them and continue to help children now. i love Compassion. What a wonderful and Godly program to be a part of.

  3. Mary Mosser August 8, 2021

    I think Cristina (The Preaching Kid) is my sponsored child! She wrote about the Predi Kids program in one of her letters. I can’t tell from the picture. Is there a way to confirm if that’s the Cristina that I sponsor?

    1. Kaye-Lin August 9, 2021

      Hi Mary! This is so wonderful! 🙂 I checked, and this sweet gal is your sponsored child! Thank you for sponsoring Cristina and being a voice of encouragement in her life. ~ Kaye-Lin

  4. Mary Marentette August 7, 2021

    OH what a blessing these children are, as well as Compassion International!!! Thank you thank you for all you do, and the Lord bless all of you. I have prayed for all those in these stories.

  5. Rita Leaptrott August 7, 2021

    This was so emotional for me to read. It makes me feel so proud and inspired by each and every one of these young people. They are giving so much with so little they have and blessing others and hopefully changing a generation. I pray that they all stay well and continue to do the work of Jesus and a continued blessing to others. This makes me want to do more as well and I am so inspired. I pray my young man I am sponsoring in Kenya will be blessed and a blessing to others as well.

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