Our #ItsAboutGiving Contest Winners

man with his arm around young boy sitting on a dock

Last month, we took some time to examine the different nuances of giving. And this is what stood out to us. Enjoy!

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Every Parent’s Nightmare

young boy in hospital bed

Many children are lost every single day. But, no parent should have to face the nightmare of losing a child simply because they can’t afford help.

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Christmas tree

What Makes Gratitude Overflow?

There is something special about giving a gift to a child who rarely receives gifts. Most families in developing countries don’t have the extra funds to buy gifts like bubbles and Dora dolls.

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two elderly women with their heads together

Seven Ways to Give of Yourself — In Every Season

Instead of focusing solely on places to send our money, let’s take a look into ways we can give of our time, money, and talents—in every season.

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people waiting in line for food

20 Days About Giving

Let’s talk about how the next 20 days are going to be different than normal for each of us. Let’s talk about the joys, rewards, effort and difficulty involved with giving. And let’s raise $20,000 for children in need this Christmas.

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woman with young child

It’s About Giving

Let’s paint a complete picture of giving this holiday season and see what we come up with. Let’s see if what we uncover helps connect us more closely to Jesus and helps make giving a part of our everyday lives.

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