How to Help Orphans Without Adopting

A boy wearing a grey sweater holding a wooden stick stands in the sunset in a field, looking into the distance.

The Bible instructs us to take up the cause of the fatherless, but how do we do that? Here are four practical ways to help orphans.

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A Beautiful Orphan Story: Finding Jesus After Trauma

One girl stands behind another girl with her hands on her shoulders.

This story of twin orphans will break your heart, while also reminding you of the love, beauty and hope in the world. “We are stronger than ever.”

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orphan definition

Who Is an Orphan?

Africa is home to 59 million orphans. Nelson is one of them. What is an orphan — or how exactly do we define orphan? As we follow Nelson’s journey, we will see multiple definitions of this oft-misunderstood term.

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What Does an Orphan Desire the Most?

What Does an Orphan Desire the Most?

A tragedy at infancy plunged Mutabazi into a life of uncertainty and fear. “I learned that my mother died two months after I was born and shortly after my father was poisoned by a neighbor,” he recounts. This unimaginable crime changed the course of Mutabazi’s life and that of his three elder siblings.

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Drop Box Film Power Pity

The Power of Pity

Pity is a feeling many of us have when we come face-to-face with the misfortunes of others — with those whom we perceive to have less than us. We feel pity when we see things we don’t understand. We feel pity when we feel helpless to act. Many people, myself included, feel pity but that’s as far as it goes. Pity can sometimes stop action from happening.

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two girls walking down a dirt road

How One Woman Is Confronting the Global Orphan Crisis

Diane Elliot, an author, professional photographer, and business administrator of Wauconda, Illinois, willingly takes on the title of mother to children who have never had their own.

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portrait of Bob Lenz

Meet Our Friend, Bob Lenz

Bob Lenz is one of our ministry’s speaker partners. Poverty takes many forms, and Bob Lenz has given his life to helping young people who struggle most with poverty of the heart.

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child praying

The Prayers of a Sponsored Child

Sponsored children pray and ask God for direction, for someone to love them, for provision — for more of Him. How different (or similar) are your prayers?

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A family sitting at a table with food

I Will Not Leave You as Orphans

But Jesus is not and won’t ever be unaware of our hopelessness, anguish, and fear. He promised to be always near; we are never alone.

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The Korean Orphans Choir

Korean Orphans Choir: Echoes of the Past

The voices of the Korean Orphans Choir are an echo of the past — an echo that, today, resounds hope for millions of children around the world.

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orphans and widows

God’s Will for Us

The simple call to practice pure and undefiled religion is to serve “the least of these,” and in doing so, we are dead-center in God’s call for our lives.

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World Aids Day 2011

World AIDS Day 2011: Small Things vs. Big Things

How can something so tiny that it can only be seen through a microscope can cause irreversible damage to the human body? Yet, to date, over 33 million people—spread out on every continent—are struggling with a tiny little terrorist in their blood streams, attacking healthy cells, breaking down the person’s immunity…and no one knows how to stop it.

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