It’s Christmas in El Salvador

A boy holds a sparkler, surrounded by lights celebrating Christmas in El Salvador

Christmas in El Salvador is a magical time. Right after the last September rains and the windy days of October and November, a cool breeze and fresh spring-like days fill the atmosphere, announcing that the dry season (usually called “summer”) is here, and suddenly everything is green, red and full of lights. It is Christmastime.

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The Shoeshine Pastor

shoe sitting on shoeshine stand

Who is The Shoeshine Pastor, and what does shining shoes have to do with Compassion?

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One Day Without Shoes banner

Join Us for One Day Without Shoes

Join us tomorrow, April 5, 2011, in TOMS Shoes’ annual event — One Day Without Shoes — to raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life.

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