The Shoeshine Pastor

Who is “The Shoeshine Pastor,” and what does shining shoes have to do with Compassion?

You can also view The Shoeshine Pastor video on YouTube.

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  1. Kristy Fraser June 24, 2012

    Does anyone know how Pastor Kim is doing? Is there any way that we can write or email a note of encouragement to him or to his family through Compassion? He inspired me to write letters in such a way as to know what my kids’ dreams are so that I can pray for that and encourage them in those dreams. I am so thankful for him and for his heart for God, the lost and his Compassion kids! He truly is a great man of God!

  2. Teena October 11, 2011

    So powerful. Wow. God moves in so many lives because of this pastor. We can all make a difference…

    Thank you for sharing this!


  3. Deborah Letcher October 9, 2011

    I am totally humbled by that gentleman. What a great, great, great welcome will be waiting for him when he goes home to Heaven.

  4. Stephanie Green October 9, 2011

    Wow, is that ever humbling! Praying for Rev. Kim and his health. I hope his sponsored children will learn of what he has done and that the example he has set will influence those children and all the other lives Rev. Kim will touch.

  5. Anjila Sisler October 9, 2011

    This video is so powerful. I showed this during a Compassion Sunday presentation last year and promised the congregation I would try to update them on Pastor Kim and his sponsored children. Does anyone have any recent information about him?

    1. Chris Giovagnoni October 11, 2011

      I spoke with one of my co-workers who was in Korea a few months ago. She got to worship at Pastor Kim’s church and
      had the privilege of having lunch with him and his wife (and meeting his 2 children).

      She said that Pastor Kim is much worse. Although he did preach, his words were very slurred and it was difficult to understand him.

      He can no longer climb stairs, so he now lives in a tiny room next to where the church meets. The room has a mattress and a desk and a place to eat. There is a small kitchen and his wife makes his meals there.

      His wife still lives in their home, but spends a great deal of each day with Pastor Kim to help him move around.

      His medical bills are being covered by friends and acquaintances, and Pastor Kim believes STRONGLY that he will be healed. We are praying the same.

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