5 Children in South America Share What They’re Thankful For

Maira in Colombia holds a sign that says Gracias, Spanish for thank you. She is thankful for her sponsor and her family's food farm.

It’s always so touching to hear what children in poverty feel thankful for. They live with less than most people, but their gratitude overflows. It helps put things in perspective and reminds us to give praise in all circumstances!

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10 Creative Ways to Include Your Sponsored Child This Thanksgiving

A Brazilian child wearing a red shirt smiles and stands in front of a wall

This year’s Thanksgiving will look a little different. With the changes that COVID-19 has brought, Thanksgiving may not include a large family gathering. But I’m grateful that the pandemic has helped us learn how to celebrate with those we love, without having to be near them. This inspired my family to consider ways to use what we learned to also celebrate with our sponsored children.

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Girl wearing an orange shirt. She is standing in front of a wall with colorful shapes all over it and is holding up a piece of paper that says Thank You.

The Top 5 Reasons These Kids Are Grateful Will Make You Grateful Too

Is it actually possible to give thanks in ALL circumstances … even when those circumstances are 2020? Yep … and these grateful children who live in poverty prove it! Find out what these kids around the world are thankful for, despite the circumstances of poverty.

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5 Creative Ideas For Entertaining Kids Over the Holidays

Fun and Free Ideas for Entertaining Kids Over the Holidays

Entertaining kids over the holidays can be a struggle. So much time, so little to do! But this list of creative and totally FREE activities will make your Thanksgiving and Christmas fun and memorable!

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Top 5 People We’re Grateful For

Top 5 People We’re Grateful For (Hint: One of Them Is You!)

We have a lot to be thankful for here at Compassion. We get to work with amazing kids all around the world. And we also have the best partners in that work! In no particular order, here are the top five people we couldn’t do ministry without!

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Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

November is the time of year that many people contemplate the blessings they have in life. This month’s Second Friday Letter Writing Club theme focuses on gratitude and blessings.

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happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving To You and Yours

As we join around the table today with our loved ones, we want to say a sincere THANK YOU to you – for loving your sponsored kids, for having compassion and for being the best advocates for kids in poverty in the world.

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thanksgiving photo

Happy Thanksgiving

On behalf of the children and God we serve, thank you for the abundant love you share with the world. Happy Thanksgiving!

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thanksgiving pies

Fall, Football … and Fasting?

What would it look like if you spent the next month or so consuming less, so that when Thanksgiving arrives, you’ll have a renewed sense of what it is like to truly be thankful?

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A woman kissing a baby on the forehead

The Key That Unlocks

For the children we serve, Satan wants to convince them that the absence of material wealth equals the absence of love from a heavenly father. For you and me in the developed world, it might be just as loud, but for different reasons.

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there is no one like Jesus

The Spiritual Discipline of One Word

The words we get each year are foundational words. They build the altar upon which we worship Christ, in word and action. They have relevance every year of our lives.

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Several colored easter eggs

How Do I Share Holiday Traditions With My Sponsored Child?

We often get questions in our contact center regarding different holidays. Things like, “What are some holidays that are special to my child?” Or, “To be sensitive to my child’s culture and customs, are there things I shouldn’t talk about?”

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