Fun and Free Ideas for Entertaining Kids Over the Holidays

I’m always looking for fun things to do with my daughter. Her mom and I like finding ways to turn screens off and turn our imaginations on with her. And there are a ton of great options out there.

But around the holidays, we meet up with our family and all of their kids, challenging us to get really creative with the activities we make available to our little ones. So, I decided to compose a helpful list of fun activities for you, me and all of our families to keep the kids entertained around the holidays.

And the best part? These are all FREE things that Compassion Explorer offers for your family!

5 Fun Free and Creative Ideas For Entertaining Kids Over the Holidays

1. Showcase a Memory

One of my family’s favorite traditions has always been to dress our Christmas tree together. It consists of elaborate decorations that incorporate a hodgepodge of cartoon-themed character ornaments and brightly twinkling stringed lights. It never looked fancy, but adorning it together was always a blast!

The most meaningful items to hang are those tied to memories. Like something your daughter made in class or your son crafted in Sunday school. What’s fun about this idea is how simple, yet memorable it is. You can just print off these fun borders and colorfully capture any fun memory to display on your family’s tree for years to come.

A Christmas ornament is a fun free activity for entertaining children at a party around Christmas

2. Engage With the Wildlife

With a homemade bird feeder, you get a simple project that encourages kids to look outside more often. I like this project because it leads to a lot more fun together when you see it in action. Once you hang it up, the kids will excitedly point out every puffy robin and red cardinal that comes along. You may even get a sneaky squirrel or two. It’s a treat to see the craft you made together be enjoyed by a bunch of cute little critters.

pine cone bird feeders are a fun and free activity for your children to craft at a holiday party.

3. Cook an International Meal

If you and your family sponsor a child, a fun activity could be a craft that reminds you of them. And I’ve always held the belief that the best crafts are the ones you can eat. Think about it — decorating Christmas cookies with colorful frosting or constructing gingerbread houses with any and all penny candies you can find. The holidays are basically not a good time to be doing a sugar detox.

So… what if you made a dish reminiscent of where the child you sponsor is from? You could make something as authentic as local food their family may be accustomed to. Or, you could take an idea like this and make a delicious snack resembling their country’s flag.

You could even send a picture of it in your next letter to them. You and your family will enjoy sharing the food together, and the kiddo in that flag’s country will eat it up, too!

You could cook a treat that looks like the flag of the country where the child you sponsor lives. This is a great idea for entertaining children around the holidays

4. Tell the Christmas Story Your Own Unique Way

The best Nativity scenes aren’t crafted by the hands of an artisan they are made from the heart of a family. The material doesn’t matter it’s the story behind it.

What if this year, you constructed your own stable? You can tell the most important story in history and relearn it together. And make it your own. Color a bright purple donkey if you’d like. It also makes a great gift from kids to their grandparents!

Retell the story of Jesus with this diy pop-up nativity you and your kids craft themselves and have fun for hours

5. And Play Lots of Games!

Of course, though, nothing beats good old-fashioned games. Which is great for you, because the Compassion Explorer website has lots of them! There are visual puzzles, crosswords, interactive craft games, and even Compassion’s own rendition of a classic game.

They’re fun and FREE for everyone, and you can download all of them, print them and have fun for hours!

Gifts of Compassion game for children to play with their friends and family around the holidays for a free, creative activity

Compassion Explorer has all kinds of resources for families to connect with and learn about others around the world. So, if you’re looking for games, crafts, devotionals, recipes or just plain fun with your kids, the best resources can be found there.

What are your favorite activities to do with your kids over Thanksgiving and Christmas? If you’ve tried some of the Explorer activities, which were your favorites? Tell us below so we can share more great ways to build family memories this holiday season!

Find more fun resources for entertaining kids this holiday season!

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