The Top 5 Reasons These Kids Are Grateful Will Make You Grateful Too

Is it actually possible to give thanks in ALL circumstances, as 1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to do? Even when those circumstances are 2020?

Girl wearing an orange shirt. She is standing in front of a wall with colorful shapes all over it and is holding up a piece of paper that says Thank You.

Yep … and these grateful children who live in poverty prove it! The pandemic has increased struggles for almost everyone, and even more so for families in poverty. But these beneficiaries of Compassion’s program are still giving thanks — specifically for YOU. Because of you, they are not going hungry like some people in their communities are. Because of you, they have gotten the medicine they needed. Because of you, they have hope for tomorrow.

Let’s find out what these kids around the world are thankful for, despite the circumstances of poverty.

Reason 1: YOU

These grateful children in Compassion’s program around the world are thankful that you kept them in your care and prayers, even when your own difficulties were probably increasing. You provided sustenance and hope — as you’ll see in the video above and the beautiful photos below.

Reason 2: A Full Belly

Girl wearing a green dress with a floral print. She is standing in front of a bamboo wall and is holding food she received from the Compassion center.

Six-year-old Bhorsha holds lentils and oil — some of the groceries that have helped sustain her family during their most desperate season. Bhorsha and her twin sister, Asha, live with their single mother, who lost her job after the coronavirus pandemic reached Bangladesh. Through Compassion’s program, the twins — whose names mean “hope” and “trust” in Bengali — and their mom received food and hygiene supplies. And because the sisters were identified as highly vulnerable children, their family also received a monthly stipend to make up for the lost income.

Reason 3: A Safe Home

Girl wearing a pink shirt. She is standing outside her family's new pink house. There is a fence around the house.

After her father lost his job, 5-year-old Deneilis’ family was evicted from their home in Colombia. They moved into a two-bedroom home where 11 other people lived. Deneilis’ family had to wait for the others to go to bed before they could pull out old mattresses and sleep on the living room floor. When Compassion staff came to check on Deneilis, they were shocked by her low weight, skin allergies and living situation. But thanks to people like you who give through Compassion, the staff was able to build Deneilis’ family a new home. They painted it Deneilis’ favorite color, pink.

“I feel so happy with my new bed,” says Denilis. “I like everything in my house! Thanks to all who helped us to have our home.”

Help Families Affected BY COVID-19

Families in poverty have no safety net in times of crisis. Help provide food, medical care and support during this pandemic.

Reason 4: Family

Boy wearing a purple shirt with a yellow bag around his shoulders. He is next to his elephant and is hugging the elephant.

Pawaret’s elephant isn’t just a member of the family — it is also the family’s livelihood. Pawaret’s father, Jaw-la-tu, earns a living by giving elephant rides to tourists. Since the pandemic greatly reduced tourism in Thailand (and most other places), Jaw-la-tu lost his income. A drought has also made food scarcer than ever for this family. Pawaret’s Compassion center workers have provided food and encouragement to the family during their difficult season.

“We are so thankful for the Child Sponsorship Program that never left us feeling alone. … It’s like there’s always a family that cares for us in a hard time,” says Jaw-la-tu.

Reason 5: God’s Love

Toddler wearing a pink and cream outfit.

With no income and no hope of finding employment because of the pandemic, young mother Denke wondered how she and her 1-year-old daughter, Koket, would make it. Denke and Koket are in Compassion’s Survival Program in Ethiopia, but at first Denke didn’t realize just how far the Survival staff would go to help them. Not only did Denke and Koket receive the food and medicine they needed, but the depressed mother also found spiritual and emotional support from the program staff.

“I am thankful for people around me, especially the Survival staff, who never get tired of supporting me,” Denke says.

“My baby girl just turned 1, and if you look at her, she looks like she is raised by a wealthy mother. She is healthy and strong.”

Now it’s your turn … what are you giving thanks for this year? Leave a comment below to spread the gratitude this Thanksgiving season!

Words by Willow Welter. Reporting and photos by Nico Benalcazar, Tigist Gizachew, Lina Marcela Alarcón Molina, J. Sangma and Piyamary Shanoda.

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  1. Avatar
    Karen Wells November 25, 2020

    This Thanksgiving I am thankful that our Lord God lead me to Compassion and my special child in Bolivia. What a blessing! When you are a child of God nothing happens by chance, it is all part of his plan. Thank you and God bless all of you for what you do for the children and their families all over the world!

  2. Avatar
    Teresa Martin November 25, 2020

    I am thankful for the ability to be a part of this. I’m thankful Compassions exists and organizes this. May God bless those who give to these children and thankful to see their smiles!

  3. Avatar
    Sonja Kurtz November 25, 2020

    I am so thankful that I am able to help and that they come to know the the love of the Lord through Jesus

  4. Avatar
    Nancy Wolfe November 25, 2020

    I am very Thankful for Compassion, as these kids would not have a prayer of Hope without you.. the tiny part I do to sponsor a child is nothing compared to the Greatness that Compassion does for us and them. God Bless you All..

  5. Avatar
    Rayo P. Daroowalla November 25, 2020

    I am thankful to God for giving us His Son, who brought all of us together as one, so that we can share His love and support for each other no matter who we are, where we are and what we have.
    In the body of Christ, we are One.

  6. Avatar
    Veronica Simao November 25, 2020

    I’m thankful for God’s goodness, His faithfulness in every circumstance and for His unconditional love. So thankful to see these precious little ones and their beautiful smiles. Thank you Compassion for all you do in the name of Jesus. 🙏🏼☝🏼❤️

  7. Avatar
    Jerri November 25, 2020

    I’m thankful that by God’s will and grace I’m able to send love and support to a child and his family through Compassion! I’m thankful for the many others who are doing the same for children.

  8. Avatar
    Jim and Dee Wheeler November 25, 2020

    God is great, God is good. God loves us all. We need to remember that.

  9. Avatar
    Cindy Wendling November 25, 2020

    I am thankful that God has always provided for me and through his love I can help others. It’s truly a blessing to know and feel Gods love for me in this pandemic and for all my life in the good and bad .

  10. Avatar
    Louise November 25, 2020

    I am thankful that Compassion allows me and others to participate in bringing Christ and hope to so many children and their families around this world.

  11. Avatar
    Billy Martin November 25, 2020

    I am thankful for Jesus Christ and His love for all these children, for those that are there each day in their lives to nourish them spiritually, physically, emotionally.

    I am thankful for A K (my sponsored child) and her smile and that she is a part of my life.

  12. Avatar
    Mark Anthony Grubb November 25, 2020

    I am so grateful and thankful for my opportunity to help feed both body and soul of the children. I am so thankful for the labor of love that is shown by the Compassion staff and field workers. Starting this program gave every generation hope and a discovery of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  13. Avatar
    William November 25, 2020

    The pictures of the children in the video are heartwarming!

  14. Avatar
    William November 25, 2020

    The pictures of the little children in the video are heartwarming.

  15. Avatar
    Debbie November 25, 2020

    I’m thankful for the hope that Compassion offers. I’m thankful to have a small part in that hope. I’m thankful for a program that reaches out to the vulnerable with the love of Christ.

  16. Avatar
    Julie Richardt November 25, 2020

    It is I who am thankful that I have the ability now to help someone else and give back. I have also lived in poverty and people helped my children and I through it. Now to be able to give back to others is a blessing!

  17. Avatar
    Oluwatoyosi Olusanya November 25, 2020

    I’m thankful for an organization like compassion international and all the staff who work there for always making lost, vulnerable children and their families a priority. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the children I sponsor. God bless you all.

  18. Avatar
    Tammy Farley November 25, 2020

    I am very thankful to be able to make a difference in my sponsored child’s life. It makes me feel so blessed to know that I am giving them love,joy and hope.

  19. Avatar
    Kenneth Hadler November 25, 2020

    I am thankful that I am able to sponsor my Compassion Child. And through this child I am able to learn more about life in another part of the world. I am also thankful that my child and I can correspond through letters which help me see how she is growing and learning, especially learning the love of Jesus.

  20. Avatar
    Lisa Rabold November 25, 2020

    I’m forever thankful for The Church all around the world- offering hope and help like no other group of humans. In Jesus’ Name!

  21. Avatar
    Kathy Howard November 25, 2020

    I am so thankful for the compassion international program and the work they do. I am thankful to my Lord Jesus Christ for the life He so willingly gave for each of us to have eternal life in Him. God bless you all.

  22. Avatar
    Jackie Rohrick November 25, 2020

    May God continue to bless ALL his precious children around the world!✝️✝️✝️ WE LOVE YOU!!!

  23. Avatar
    David Mack November 25, 2020

    Love is alive and well!!!

  24. Avatar
    Cheryl November 24, 2020

    I am so thankful for Compassion and how they are helping us help the most vulnerable both physically and spiritually. I am also so thankful for our sponsor child! Thank you Jesus!

  25. Avatar
    Miranda Keller November 24, 2020

    I am thankful for God’s provision. He has placed each and every one of us where we are at for a reason. I am thankful for family, a home, a job, friends, health…the list could go on and on. ❤

  26. Avatar
    Kathleen Haney November 24, 2020

    I am thankful for how God has moved in the hearts of sponsors everywhere to want to make a difference in the lives of the children they sponsor by giving them the love and compassion that God continually gives to us.

  27. Avatar
    JaLynn Smith November 24, 2020

    I am thankful for the Compassion Sponsorship Program. Without all the dedicated individuals who work to make this happen, these families may have never known God’s heart and the ways in which he pursues his creations.

  28. Avatar
    Louisa Guzman November 24, 2020

    So very thankful that God provided for me this year so that I can provide for my sponsored child!

  29. Avatar
    Robin McClenny Ayers November 24, 2020

    I’m thankful for my health and family. I’m also thankful for my job that helps me support my family and allows me to sponsor children through Compassion so that they will know God’s love for all his children.

  30. Avatar
    Sheryl November 24, 2020

    I am grateful that I am able to sponsor a Compassion Child. The letters bring me much joy! The letters help me to realize how truly blessed that I am.

  31. Avatar
    Kay Dahlman November 24, 2020

    I am also very grateful for the opportunity to partner with compassion. For the children and families that we help as they also help us as well. I am grateful that compassion and their partners are growing the family of God and His kingdom , while also helping with the physical needs of children and their families here on earth.

  32. Avatar
    Christina Talbott November 24, 2020

    I praise God that I am in a financial position that enables me to be able to sponsor my child!

  33. Avatar
    Jack Peterson November 24, 2020

    I’m grateful for my sponsor kids. They bring joy to me, and I learn from them…how to see more clearly through their eyes. My BEST days, are when I get letters!

  34. Avatar
    Deborah Meyer November 24, 2020

    I am so thankful for compassion international! I am thankful for what God does through them, and without them we never would have known the four children we sponsor, Who have now become our children and have blessed our lives immensely! I am thankful and in awe of how God provides for us to support them in the ways he has.

  35. Avatar
    Scott W Trotter November 24, 2020

    Still, Jesus’ love compassion mercy and grace is number one.

  36. Avatar
    Priscilla Frantz November 24, 2020

    I am thankful for organizations like Compassion that help children and their families around the world! God bless you!

  37. Avatar
    Scott November 24, 2020

    Thank you so much for your efforts and praise be to Jesus who has allowed me to be part of it!

  38. Avatar
    Kari Uhlman November 24, 2020

    I am thankful for clean water. Only 8% of the world’s population has clean water.

  39. Avatar
    Sheila Essink November 24, 2020

    I am thankful that we can sponsor our Compassion child, pray for him and his family and trust the Lord that He is watching over him.

  40. Avatar
    Angela November 24, 2020

    I am thankful for God and Jesus and providing me so I can help others and work safely at home

  41. Avatar
    Damon Shattuck November 24, 2020

    I’m thankful for Compassion International and other organizations that care for the poor and needy around the world.

  42. Avatar
    Lillian J Miller November 24, 2020

    I am thankful for the blessings God bestows upon me to be able to share His love with the family in which He led to help. I am thankful for God’s love, my Compassion family and I am thankful for my own family. God bless you all!!

  43. Avatar
    Joanne November 24, 2020

    I am thankful for being able to give to others and for my family. I am thankful for God’s love for us all.

  44. Avatar
    Elva November 24, 2020

    I am thankful for God’s family of Believers all over the world who faithfully give of their service, gifts, and talents by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in very tangible ways; And the people who also believe because of it.

    To God, I Am Grateful for Everything And All That He Is.❤

  45. Avatar
    Angela Ford November 24, 2020

    I am so blessed for organizations like this that helps people know about God’s love and truly cares for children living in poverty. Thank you for all you do!

  46. Avatar
    Wayne Epperson November 24, 2020

    We thank God for his blessings to us and the ability to to support the 4 children we do. We pray daily for these families. We are also praying for the workers of compassion.

  47. Avatar
    Kathleen Satterfield November 24, 2020

    The video of the beautiful children makes me smile and I give thanks to God that I can help in this incredible ministry. God bless everyone for the work they do to help these families. It brings joy and Thanksgiving to my ❤.

  48. Avatar
    Jenny Lesley November 23, 2020

    I signed up to sponsor a child in the end of June this year and in July my full time job got cut to part time. I continued to give to Compassion to support my sponsored child Yordanos. I am grateful and thankful to be able to sponsor her because I have no children of my own. So this is someone God has given me. Thankfully I was able to go back to work full time around Halloween and so I have been able to send a family gift to Yordanos family. It is important to me that she grows up happy and healthy and knowing Jesus. I pray for her to be a strong woman of God someday and a powerful force in Ethiopia. I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Compassion community. That is what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. Please give Yordanos a special hug for me when it is safe to do so.

  49. Avatar
    Theresa Palomares November 23, 2020

    Thank you for sharing the video, it warms my heart to see the children smiling. I’m thankful that I am able to continue my support to my compassion child. I’m thankful to all of you at Compassion for everything you do and the continued love and support you give to families every single day.

  50. Avatar
    Rich Bender November 22, 2020

    The video expressing these kids feelings around the world was wonderful. They are happy even in times of hardship like dealing with the Corona Virus. I loved the expressions on each of the kids faces. They truly show the love of God by their feelings and signs of joy.

  51. Avatar
    Suzette November 21, 2020

    Though my husband lost his job in April due to the pandemic, I am so thankful and grateful to God that He has continued to provide for us, and that we were able to keep our sponsorship going of a precious little soul in the Philippines. In this life we may never met her, but I look forward to the day I see her and her mother in heaven! His provision continues as my husband will start working at a new job in December. Thank You, Jesus!

  52. Avatar
    Betsy Rothrock November 21, 2020

    I am so thankful for my Bolivian Compassion daughter. She has the same name as my late mother so that is an extra special connection that I feel with her! I thank God everyday for blessing me with my home and the financial means that I am able to share with the Compassion ministry. I grew up in the Amazon jungles of Peru so I know the poverty that these children live in. I am grateful that God laid it on my heart to give to make life better for someone else .

  53. Avatar
    Gina Andreano November 21, 2020

    What an absolutely beautiful video!! Thank YOU so much for sending it. I’m happy and so grateful that I can help.
    Please send my child Shyaka and his family tons and tons of love & light!!

    The same to all of you that assist in making this program great!

    Gina Andreano

  54. Avatar
    Terri November 21, 2020

    I am thankful that the Lord has walked with us through this very difficult year. It has been one of the most challenging years in every way, but God is with us and is truly the God of all comfort.

  55. Avatar
    Jan November 21, 2020

    I’m thankful that our family has been well and that my husband and I find joy in each day. I thank God for the beauty of nature that restores my soul.

  56. Avatar
    Brenda Hicks November 21, 2020

    Thank you for sharing the video and allowing us to see what wonderful work Compassion International is doing for the families in need. May God continue to bless this amazing ministry!!

  57. Avatar
    Sharon Goss November 21, 2020

    The video of the children saying Thank You was precious! They obviously are greatfull! God Bless the little ones. I love seeing updates, writing letters, and reaching out each month financially.

  58. Avatar
    Amber Kindsvogel November 20, 2020

    I’m so thankful for Gihozo & her family that they are doing well during the pandemic. I ask God to bless them always & her brother and fiancé who are getting married. I am always thankful for my family & friends and how supportive they have been throughout this year. Finally, I am thankful for Compassion International & all you do for these children & families around the world. God bless you all!

  59. Avatar
    Elizabeth November 20, 2020

    I love getting letters from my two children, Dayi and Noel. I am deeply grateful to them for their prayers. I will always be grateful to Compassion for bringing us together.

  60. Avatar
    Linda November 20, 2020

    Thank you for the heartwarming video of the children; that was so special. I praise God that His love and faithfulness enables me to sponsor two children. Compassion is a wonderful ministry, and so thankful for the all the workers to make this possible!

  61. Avatar
    Jerry November 20, 2020

    We have been so blessed it’s a sin not to support to worthy causes like Compassion.
    Thankful to have a small part.

  62. Avatar
    Suzanne Gash November 20, 2020

    I love the video. I am thankful that I can sponsor a child. God is good!

  63. Avatar
    Evangeline November 20, 2020

    I am thankful for the many blessings that God has given to me and my family. I am grateful that I have been blessed to be able to continue working during the pandemic and that my family and I have remained safe from it all. I am most grateful that I have been able to continue being a blessing to Ekoue and his family. It is good to know that my giving is always appreciated. I pray you and your family continue to remain safe during this pandemic. Evangeline

  64. Avatar
    Janet Maines November 20, 2020

    I am thankful that through 2020 I have once again experienced God’s faithfulness to provide in every way. I have grown utterly dependent on Him for every little thing and our relationship has grown so intimate in the process. I have learned to trust Him more and myself much, much less. That’s a big one for me!

  65. Avatar
    Susan Kunar November 20, 2020

    I am grateful to be used by God to help a child in need. I am blessed to live in America and I am blessed to be able to give back. Glory to God for Compassion and your work around the world.

  66. Avatar
    Carol Ann Reiff November 20, 2020

    How fun to hear your voice And see your smiling faces.

  67. Avatar
    Reginald Harrison November 20, 2020

    It’s wonderful to know how hard and dedicated the Compassion staff are towards the the families in need. Whether it’s through teaching, building, prayer or counseling.
    It’s certainly been a blessing for us to give. We pray that God will continue to use us and many others to be a blessing in the coming year.

  68. Avatar
    Barbara Gerber November 20, 2020

    So thankful for all that God has given me. Also, for the chance to get to know my compassion child! God is truly awesome!

  69. Avatar
    Pandora Irwin November 20, 2020

    I am thankful to Compassion for connecting me with the children who need some help. I am thankful for all the staff who do the work. I am thankful to God for giving to me so that I can share with others. I am thankful for God’s mercy and love that makes itself known to all of us who are now a family because of Compassion and Jesus Christ.

  70. Avatar
    Darcel Fode November 20, 2020

    Giving to children and their families in poverty stricken countries, has been the most rewarding experience in my life. Altho I really can’t afford it, my heart is warmed realizing the difference this money makes in their lives. Thank you for running a program that I can trust, to help those in great need. God bless, A sponsor Mother

  71. Avatar
    Jennifer Yarbrough November 20, 2020

    Love the video and seeing these children being blessed by compassion international. I am so thankful that God provides so that we can give to our sponsered child.

  72. Avatar
    Amy November 20, 2020

    I m thankful to share my abundance with children and families in need

  73. Avatar
    Lisa McCljng November 20, 2020

    I’m thankful for God’s grace and my family.

  74. Avatar
    Gary Rasmussen November 20, 2020

    Thank you for the video of the children all saying thank you in their native language. It was heartwarming.

  75. Avatar
    Lynne Flack November 20, 2020

    I am thankful that I am able to sponsor a precious child in Uganda and help her family. God is good. He has blessed me in so many ways. And I am blessed to share his love with others!

  76. Avatar
    Theresa November 20, 2020

    Provision, support and quality of life.

  77. Avatar
    Dave Braden November 20, 2020

    I am thankful that I am able to work and most of all that God has blessed me with the most wonderful and caring wife.

  78. Avatar
    Ronnie Scott Dailey November 20, 2020

    During the pandemic, I lost my income for 4 months. My wife and I continued to give to compassion. We have been greatly blessed during this time. Other forms of work came to me and we have never been in need or missed paying a bill. I hope to always be able to give to support Compassion!Scott

    1. Kaye-Lin
      Kaye-Lin November 20, 2020

      Hi Scott. I am sorry to hear that you were impacted by the global pandemic. We have been so blessed by your faithful and continuous support. Thank you for all that you do!

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