Inspiring Stories of Courage and Bravery

Totally Worth It: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Bravery

“It is easy to get discouraged in a world full of evil, murders and lack of opportunity. It is easy to take our eyes off God and see our weakness and limitations. But with God, there are no limitations.” These are the wise words of 17-year-old Compassion student, Meryl. She’s our inspiration for these curated stories of courage and bravery from around the world.

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Period Poverty: My REAL Most Embarrassing Moment

A girl laughs, face in her hands.

I’ve told very few people about my REAL most embarrassing moment. But it’s something that girls in poverty around the world have to face every day.

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A girl in a white T-shirt and patterned skirt runs down a dirt path, smiling, with a house in the background.

How Life in Rural Togo Is About to Change

Tragically, one in every 10 children in Togo dies before they reach their fifth birthday. But thanks to a new partnership between pro golfer Kevin Streelman and Compassion, change is coming for two communities.

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A woman wearing a black bowler hat, colorful shawl and traditional Bolivian clothes stands in a wide field, carrying a baby on her back.

8 Breathtaking Photos of Hardworking Moms Around the World

Being a mom is a big job. From making sure a feisty toddler doesn’t eat rocks to sitting in solace with a hurting teenager, motherhood is intense. Here are eight beautiful photos of hardworking women around the world who exemplify a mother’s love. They face vast challenges yet persevere in working toward, praying for and believing in the best for their children.

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A man, Santiago

An Easter Message of Hope

Hope is a fragile but powerful force. When you have hope, no challenge seems too great. When you don’t, even the smallest task becomes overwhelming. But hope in the Lord can truly renew our strength. Be inspired by this Easter message of hope from our President and CEO!

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A Staggering Drop in Child Malaria Deaths in Just One Year

A Staggering Drop in Malaria Deaths in Just One Year

Imagine a plague of tiny insects running wild in your community, biting children in their beds while they sleep. Imagine each bite poisoning their blood with deadly parasites. Imagine one child every 30 seconds dying of malaria. Then imagine stopping this killer disease. In one community in West Africa, it was done.

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Who Takes Care of the Child You Sponsor in Togo?

From the local church pastor to the tutor to the accountant to the cook, every person at a Compassion-assisted child development center has a role to play in a child’s life. Meet 11 members of our global village from Togo as they share from their hearts about what it’s like to care for the babies, children and teens in their communities who you are sponsoring.

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girl standing with arms crossed

Looking up to Young People in the World

In this month’s “Totally Worth It,” we’re highlighting some technologies and stories that will remind you that young hearts and minds have the power to change the future of poverty in the world.

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Family to Family: Sentences of Hope in a Letter

Family to Family: Sentences of Hope in a Letter

Close your eyes and picture the child you sponsor opening your last letter. Pulling out that piece of paper. Reading your words. Smiling at the pictures you included. That’s what Mary Harms does when she writes Winner, the boy she sponsors, and his family.

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What To Expect When You're Expecting Top Blogs 2015

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Three women from three vastly different countries and cultures reveal their shared fears and hopes of motherhood as well as the impact of the Child Survival Program.

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ebola clinic

Fear, Ebola and Me

“Are you sure you want to travel there right now? Couldn’t you get… Ebola?” My friend hesitantly asked me this question before my recent trip to Uganda, in Eastern Africa. I found a map and showed my well-meaning friend the actual distance from the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak to Uganda. It’s about 4500 miles, which is well over the distance from California to New York.

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first christmas valerie

Valerie’s First Christmas

I was about 3 years old in my earliest Christmas memory. I had chickenpox, and because I was quarantined, my stepfather dressed as Santa to cheer me up. I don’t remember the gifts I got that year, but I remember feeling so special that Santa had made a house call to visit me. That memory surfaced recently when I read the story of Valerie, a little girl in Togo. Valerie’s first Christmas memory happened last year — because it was the first time she ever celebrated Christmas.

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