World Cup Fever

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The 2014 World Cup. Thirty-two teams. Twelve stadiums. Sixty-four soccer matches. Thirty-one days. More than 715 million people around the world tune in! But what does World Cup Fever have to do with you?

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The New Slavery — Human Trafficking

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Currently, more slaves exist than during the time of slave trade abolitionist William Wilberforce. But unlike in Wilberforce’s day, 80 percent of today’s slaves are women and girls; 50 percent are children. The slave trade is far from history. In fact, it is very much the shame of our world today.

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man with three small boys

Waiting for God’s Best Plan

Cristiano’s father had a plan: He wanted his son to be a soccer player. But God, Cristiano’s heavenly Father, had another plan.

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wood bridge in slum

Behind the Façade, This Is God’s Island

What does a child do when her greatest earthly protector turns out to be a predator? What does she think about her heavenly Father when her earthly father is her abuser?

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Children playing soccer

The Healing Power of the World Cup

Haiti, which is still digging out from the catastrophic earthquake that struck in January, did not qualify for the 2010 World Cup. But the Haitian people badly need a team to root for to lift their spirits, and most are cheering for the powerful Brazilian team.

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A group of children wearing soccer jerseys

The Next World Cup All Star?

The eyes of hundreds of thousands of people are glued to the field. A commentator narrates the last seconds of the game: “… and there comes Landaverde with a pass from Valdez… Landaverde surpasses the defense quite easily; he aims at the goal… shoots… AND SCORES!!!” El Salvador wins. The people in the stadium shout and celebrate; the national team has won the World Cup.

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