Big Jesus

Big Jesus This is Big Jesus.

He greets everyone that visits the Global Ministry Center. But he’s not snooty. He also greets employees when they come to work, provided they enter through the main doors and don’t slink to their desks via another entrance. Big Jesus isn’t like Real Jesus though; Big Jesus doesn’t know everything and he’s not always with us. Sometimes he doesn’t even see people walk by … or sneaking up on him.

Big Jesus is big. He could play center for the Houston Rockets. He could play center for any NBA team. But he doesn’t. He sits in our foyer, with his big metallic lap, inviting people to sit with him and inviting the children of the world to come to him.

Big Jesus isn’t like Real Jesus. Real Jesus is much bigger than Big Jesus. Real Jesus is bigger than the universe.

Whenever I walk by Big Jesus I think of Real Jesus and the immensity of Jesus’ love for lil’ ol’ me, for children in need and for everyone.

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  1. Vicki Small March 14, 2008

    Hmm…I guess I need to post my photos on Share Your Heart, don’t I? I’ll work on that tomorrow.

  2. Vicki Small March 14, 2008

    Oh, my. I will have to post my photos of Big Jesus and the other sculptures, including one with a child on Big Jesus’ lap. Well, two children, individually, if you count me, which Real Jesus does.

    It was weird: I knew he wasn’t the real Jesus, but I was drawn to Big Jesus, anyway.

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