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I went camping for the first time this weekend. Turns out … I’m not made for it. There are aspects of it that I enjoyed immensely, such as setting up the tent (which I am proud to say didn’t take us very long), making a fire and cooking dinner over it (and by dinner I mean S’mores), and, of course, hiking.

My friends and I camped at “The Crags,” which lies directly behind Pike’s Peak. Words simply don’t do justice to the splendor and majesty of God’s creation. It is breathtaking and awe-inspiring. And that’s what got me thinking. Everyone needs to feel this small so they can see just how big He is.

As you know, I’ve spent the last several weeks brainstorming about how to capture Gen Y and move them to action. They need only to be given the right opportunity to go out into the world; because once they are there they can make a difference.

And now, an idea has been born!

  • It’s about giving young adults the opportunity to completely participate in what Compassion is doing around the world.
  • It’s about getting intimate with extreme poverty.

I can attest to the growing pains in my own soul, to see and experience God in a big yet intimate way. For whatever reason, there lies within me the idea that He is where I have yet to go: out there. Among people groups and areas of the world that our society says are off limits; dangerous.

I also know that my feelings are shared by many of my peers. There is an overarching sense of duty that we feel we must fulfill, a holy war we must wage. My generation is on the horizon, and we are ready to fight; we need only to be equipped with the proper armor and the opportune time.

There are still countless bases to be covered, details to be ironed out, and logistics to be overcome. But, driving the progression of it all is an extreme excitement about the possibility of taking my generation on a journey that will change our lives and the lives of those with whom we share the story.

I know that I am more moved and inspired by sitting down with someone over a cup of coffee and hearing about what the Lord is doing in that person’s life than watching yet another commercial that exploits pictures of children in poverty in order to tap into the pity that lies in wait within our souls. At the end of the day, pity fades. We forget about them, not because we mean to, but because we haven’t heard their story.

I think that as this idea takes shape and people who participate come back to share what they encountered, listeners would see in a new light the work that needs to be done.

The bottom line is this: God will accomplish His will in some form of fashion, using whichever generation will make itself available. My question is simply this: Why not us? Why not now?

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  1. Kim July 28, 2008

    Meredith I agree completely with you. I love hearing the stories and background of other’s lives and seeing how God works. I feel that it helps you connect with them and makes you realize that we are not so different after all.
    Most everyone that I know, myself included, will flip the channel when the commercials of kids in poverty come on because it is just so sad to see so if we can block it out then it is not real to us. That is what we need to realize – it is really out there whether we want it to be or not and we need to take action to help change it. I know that God will continue to help guide you through this.

    God Bless!

  2. Sara Benson July 23, 2008

    I’m with Britney! Where do I sign up? 🙂 I can’t wait to see how this progresses. I agree that it is definitely more powerful to hear a first hand account than to watch a movie/commercial.

    I just helped out with a Compassion radio marathon. For me, getting to read over the packets and see the pictures made the packets come alive, the $32 a month seemed insignificant to help change the life of a real person.

    I also got to visit a project in Kenya. Seeing the kids and the program in action was even more revealing to me. The personal aspect of someone sharing their story means that those who hear the stories can ask that person questions and have a contact that they have met. The more we make the children real to the sponsors, the more they will engage in their lives.

    Awesome idea

    btw, I love camping at the Crags.

  3. Britney July 23, 2008

    Thinking about participating in what Compassion is doing around the world and getting intimate with extreme poverty makes me want to jump up and down and say “Pick me! Pick me!” Nothing gets me more excited than hearing someone else’s story or being witness to what God is doing in someone’s life. Great idea, Meredith!

  4. Sarah July 22, 2008

    Mellissa is right you are catching on to something!:)

  5. Melissa Coast July 22, 2008

    I think you are on to something! 🙂

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