Conversations with Alumni: Proof That’s Real [VIDEO]

I know you’ve thought it. I’ve thought it. If we’re being honest, we’ve ALL thought it… Is this child real? Does this whole sponsorship thing really work? Where is my money really going? When you walk into a Compassion program at any of our […]

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The Compassion Child Sponsorship Program: What Does Research Show?

Over a period of two years, a team of researchers led by Dr. Bruce Wydick studied adults who were registered with the Compassion Child Sponsorship program from 1980-1992. What did the team discover?

You Want to Change the World?

What is proof of a changed life? Does it include an education or a relationship with Jesus? What does a changed life look like to you?

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What Happens After Child Sponsorship?

A question typically asked by sponsors who are miles apart from their sponsored children is, “What happens to sponsored children after they leave the program?”

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