Your Top 5 Compassion Stories of 2021

As editor of the Compassion USA blog, I always love looking back over the year to see which articles resonated with you the most. It gives me a chance to reflect on the powerful stories and photos that come from our photojournalists around the world and writers in the U.S. I also get an idea of what type of content to gather and share with you in the year to come.

It is my pleasure to share incredible stories of transformation — which are possible only because of amazing supporters like you! I hope that reading the blog reminds you of the difference we can make when we come together as one to release children from poverty.

In case you missed them, these were the top stories of 2021 on the Compassion USA blog:

5. 17 Gorgeous Photos of Gardens Around the World

A woman and child in Bolivia stand in a garden. The woman is holding vegetables and wearing a skirt, sweater and hat. The child is wearing a hat.

Look at these photos of gardens around the world — and then look again to see what else is there.

In these gardens are vegetables — but also opportunities. Fruits are flourishing — and so are small businesses started by families living in poverty. A fledgling sprout peeking up from the soil can signify a better future for a child. Because people in poverty who can grow successful gardens have not only a source of nutritious food but also a source of income.

4. 11 Warrior Women With Unshakeable Faith

Angelita is sitting at her home with a wall of roses behind her. She is wearing traditional clothing.

On International Women’s Day in March, we wanted to honor the strength of women who live in a variety of circumstances. So we invited 11 women, ages 18 to 91, to sit for a portrait and conversation. In the midst of challenge, their strength was undeniable. Their resilience was inspiring and their faith unshakeable.

Who are these women? Take a look.

3. Sponsors Share Their Best Letter Writing Tips

Girl wearing a purple and orange patterned dress. She is sitting in a blue plastic chair outside her home and is holding a letter from her sponsor.

We put out a call to our Facebook community asking for the best advice for writing to children in Compassion’s program. Several people answered with great tips on things like:

  • Fun ideas for what to send.
  • What to ask and say.
  • When to write.
  • How to write (app, online, stationery, etc.).
  • Remembering or making time to write.

This article also gave me the chance to share some insanely adorable photos of 6-year-old Fortune in Togo, who had recently received her first letters from her sponsor.

2. Facts About Togo: A West African Treasure

Four children are standing outside playing musical instruments and dancing. There are trees and tall grass behind them. The children are wearing traditional clothing of Togo.

You love learning all about the 25 countries where sponsors and local churches help children in Compassion’s program. The second-most-popular story we posted to the blog during 2021 was this article about the customs, traditions, people and geography of the fascinating West African country of Togo.

1. God Is Love: 5 Attributes That Show Us This Truth

A boy is in his community and is sitting on a small ship on the beach. He smiles while holding a poster that says he is “loved” at the Compassion center.

I guess we all needed the reminder, because this is No. 1 on our list of top stories of 2021. As Valentine’s Day approached, we reflected on the truth that God isn’t just loving but is the very definition of love.

Read more to consider God’s attributes demonstrating how he is love.

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