11 Quotes From Children Who Are Part-Time Comedians

Children are pint-sized comedians. If you’re not convinced already, take a read through this list of funny quotes from children in Compassion’s program! As the products of their creative minds, or perhaps the translation process, these funny one-liners perfectly capture the quirkiness and fun of children. Has the child you sponsor shared any gems in their letters?

1. Classic parents

Weeview is wearing a blue shirt with black, green, and red stripes. He is standing in front of a white wall.

“I want to be a car racer when I grow up. But my mother wants me to be a good person and a good listener.” — Weeview, 5, Thailand

2. Kevin the ornithologist

Kevin, in a blue jacket, sits on a wood stool in front of a door holding brown chicken eggs in his hands.

“Chickens lay a ball. A ball that is called an egg.” — Kevin, 4, Bolivia

3. Adults need a hobby

Boy wearing a blue and orange pattern shirt smiles standing outside with a metal rusted fence in the background.

“What will I do for fun when I grow up? Nothing. Grown-ups don’t have fun!” — Segnon, Togo

4. An unusual hero

Paula is wearing a bright pink shirt. She is standing in the field and is working in her garden.

“When I grow up, I want to be like the tooth fairy and help teeth grow.” — Paula, 5, Brazil

5. Post-pandemic plans

Tensae is wearing a blue sweater. She is holding a broom and is standing inside her home.

“Rolling on the ground is the first I will do when this coronavirus is over. If people say I’m crazy, I will tell them they should do the same.” — Tensae, 6, Ethiopia

6. Jesus’ home

Maisa is at the back door to her house posing with her aunt's green parrot, Tico.

“If I could fly, I would fly as high as possible until I reach Jesus. He lives in the sky and I’d love to meet him.” — Maisa, 4, Brazil

7. Creative problem-solving

Justin is smiling and wearing his silver astronaut costume. The street under him is dry and cracked.

“I want to bring a spaceship from another planet to clean the streets and remove the garbage so the children will not get sick.” — Justin, 7, Ecuador

8. The unusual chore

Chuchip is standing outside on a dirt road. There are trees behind him. He is wearing a red shirt.

“I have a chicken that is my best friend. Every evening, I have to get my chicken up on the tree for the night because it has no wings, and it can’t go up by itself.” — Chuchip, 12, Thailand

9. An unfortunate reality

Kaio is standing outside the Compassion center and is wearing a traditional Guajajara costume. He is also holding a rattle. His face and body are painted with designs.

“My favorite animals are the dinosaurs, but they died a long time ago so I can’t meet them.” — Kaio, 8, Brazil

10. The creative process

Boy wearing a blue and orange pattern shirt smiles standing beside his mother.

“I like writing stories. How do I write my stories? With a pen!” — Segnon, Togo

11. Dinosaur fan

Kaio is looking around the corner outside his home. He is wearing a green and gray shirt as well as a traditional head covering. His face is also painted.

“I love to hear birds sing. They are my second-favorite animals because they make nests like pterodactyls.” — Kaio, 8, Brazil

Why not start a conversation with a child today by writing to the one you sponsor? Ask them what their favorite joke is. Even if it doesn’t quite translate, it will likely still make you laugh!

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  1. Jaime and Jimmy Gilbert July 26, 2022

    My sponsored child is only 3. When I write her, I know I’m talking to the child, but the mother is reading the letters to her. Is it wrong to write the mom a letter too. Because I feel like I’m getting to know both of them. Plus it is really confusing writing them both in the same letter.

    1. Christina July 26, 2022

      Hi Jaime and Jimmy! I hear your heart for your sweet girl and your desire to foster a meaningful relationship with her and her mother. You are absolutely welcome to include a message to your child’s mother in your letters, and her mother will be able to read your message when it’s received. Since correspondence is with your sponsored child, all letters will first be delivered to your child, so I encourage you to still include a fun note to your kiddo along with your message to her mother. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to email us at [email protected]. Have a blessed day!

  2. Tim Crawford December 14, 2021

    I just started sponsoring a child and I am at a loss. Do I write a letter (pen and paper) or do I write a letter via the internet? I can do either, I am just a little confused as where do I post the letter. I think I send everything to Colorado but I still am not sure. It would be great going directly to Thiago but there may not be a working post office (like the one in the US).

    1. Elizabeth December 15, 2021

      Tim, thank you for reaching out with your question about letter writing and for sponsoring Thiago! You can write a physical letter or use our online letter writing tool to send a letter. You can write to Thiago online by going to our website: https://www.compassion.com, clicking the My Account (log In) link, then clicking the Write My Child link, located on the side bar. You may also write a physical letter and mail it to our office where it will be translated and delivered to Thiago. Compassion’s mailing address for letters is: Compassion International Attn: Correspondence Colorado Springs, CO 80997. If you have any questions, please send us an email at [email protected].

  3. Joe May 20, 2021

    A number of years ago, I had a letter from a child who said “I have one older brother and one older sister. They got married.” It took me a second.

  4. Dale Morissette May 14, 2021

    Dear Jen, I asked my 6 year old girl from Indonesia her favorite food. She said it was chicken breast, because she had a large family and that was the biggest piece!

    1. Jesse May 14, 2021

      Hello Dale! I love her answer to you. Thank you for sharing! Children can be so authentic in their responses, can’t they? ? I bet her family dinners are so fun to be at! God bless!

  5. Theresa Angeletti May 13, 2021

    My recent letter from a vorrespobdent child said “I am so happy to hear you are still alive!”. I chickled.

    1. Jesse May 14, 2021

      Hello Theresa! That is hilariously cute! Kids say the best things, don’t they? ?? Thanks for sharing your story with us – it made my day!

  6. Jen May 13, 2021

    So funny, creative, and sweet! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nicole May 13, 2021

      Hi, Jen! We are so glad you enjoyed the blog! ☺

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