Children Answer the Question “What Makes You Happy?”

We are living in troubled times right now. Many are feeling isolated and anxious. But it’s so important, for all of us, to look for sources of light in times of darkness.

Children are good at that, aren’t they? That’s why we asked Compassion-assisted children from across the globe to share with us the things that make them happy. I pray this will inspire you to look for the little things that you can praise God for today.

Yael playing on a concrete slab with his sisters

“What makes me happy is to share with my sisters and play with them. I miss visiting the center, but this shall pass.” Yael, 11 years old, Mexico

Sureeporn standing behind her mother giggling

“COVID-19 makes us not go anywhere. And I can’t go to school, can’t go anywhere on holidays. But never mind. Even though we can’t go anywhere, we can play at home, play with our siblings, go to the garden, go to the farm with parents. These things can make us happy. And we must pray a lot for COVID to stop.” – Sureeporn, 5 years old, Thailand

Angela praying in a field

“The calmness at dusk in the fields makes me feel blessed. Praying in the open helps me appreciate life and its beauty for what it is.” – Angela, 18 years old, Bangladesh

Klebiane running on sand with other children

“Ice cream makes me happy. But what also makes me happy is feeling connected with people. I’m happy when I help people; when I know I’m part of something bigger than me and when I see my life has a purpose in this world.” – Klebiane, 8 years old, Brazil

A young man dances in a classroom.

“When I feel sad, I just turn on music and dance, and I forget my bad feelings. I want to encourage all those who go through a hard time during this pandemic to join me and dance, to try funny gestures and moves because it helps keep you healthy both in your body and mind.”— Kader, 19 years old, Burkina Faso

Nayely looking up at the camera smiling

“I’m thankful because I have one more day of life, because my parents are healthy and because my family is always together.” – Nayely, 14 years old, Bolivia

Rizwani stands in front of a pink wall

“I feel blessed to have a sponsor and be loved from across the other end of the world.” – Rizwani, 10 years old, Sri Lanka

Will you join us and these beautiful children in lifting up praises today? What are you thankful for right now – tell us in the comments! And if you’d like to get prayers and praises from around the world each month, sign up for Compassion’s Monthly Prayer Calendar!

Field reporting and photos by Javier Elis, Sara Navarro, Galia Oropeza, J. Sangma, Jehojakim Sangare and Piyamary Shinoda

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  1. Cynthia Bennis January 31, 2021

    I thank the Compassion staff in the countries they are serving. May they and their families be protected from covid so they can continue to come along side this precious children with the word of God bringing them hope, joy and love.

  2. Clarissa Pizarro January 30, 2021

    I feel very happy see how God works in the Hearst of his childrens, indeed the Kingdom of him belong to them.

  3. Latesha Day July 9, 2020

    Such beautiful souls, so young, so pure, God lives!!! I’m thankful for Jesus Christ, life, my son, my family! I pray that covid19 flees the world forever! God is awesome and I pray he continues to protect us during this time of trouble?? God bless❤

  4. Jan Bennett June 27, 2020

    These children bless me so much! I have tears in my eyes because of their amazing perspectives. They are so hopeful!!!

    I praise God for the new sisters in Christ I have met online that I probably would NOT have met without COVID-19. They have been a part growing closer to Jesus during this season.

    I am also very grateful to God that my husband continues to have employment so we can continue to sponsor and support our Compassion children!

    Praise God From Whom ALL Blessings Flow!!!

  5. Judy Murdock June 26, 2020

    I feel happy and blessed to be allowed to share in these precious children’s lives.

  6. Lynn M. June 26, 2020

    We received a letter from our sponsored child in Rwanda today! He and his family are well, thank the Lord! He wrote, “We are doing well and are thankful to God for the gift of life. I am excited to get this opportunity of writing to you.” (His last letter was from early January.) So I’m thankful to God for the gift of life as well, and can’t wait to return his letter. Thanks be to God.

  7. Joyce Bridgeman June 26, 2020

    I am greatfull for the opportunity to help others in need. The three girls write letter that are hopeful and help me understand the world better. God bless all of you that are helping them.

  8. stephen kalibbala June 26, 2020

    Thanks to all caregivers who create a conducive atmosphere for children to play.It is their God given right to play.

  9. Lynn Juliak June 20, 2020

    I am blessed by God’s love and compassion for my family ♥️

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