When Grandma Becomes Mom

elderly women next to trees

No matter how bad Carmen feels physically, or how bad she’s doing economically, she diligently gets up every day to get her grandchildren ready for school, the child development center or the church.

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Broken Home, Healed Heart

boy in a red shirt and denim pants sitting on a step holding a piece of paper

Shortly after Luis’ parents separated, his moods often changed from happy to sad. His heart was hurt and in need of much love.

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holding hands

How Does One Church Bear Good Fruit?

The Fourth Nazarene Church in Nicaragua wants to do something for their neighborhood. In their community, alcoholism, drugs, gangs and violence are common, and the church needs good soil in which to sow seeds that will bear good fruit.

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teens at tables in classroom

Waiting for a Miracle

Little by little, walking became difficult for Kendry. She needed help to do simple things like walk, hold a glass, color, and unbutton her shirt or pants.

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a group of children standing in front of a building

“What’s the One Thing You’d Like Your Sponsor to Know?”

Sponsored children reflect their commitment to God no matter the circumstances around them. As they share their lives with you, they are encouraged by your response to them through your letters and prayers.

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group of adults praying

Faith Test

Many of us think we “know” what faith means. When it is time to put our faith in action, however, it’s another story.

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woman with group of children holding gifts

Christmas Gift Giving Fun in Nicaragua

Wind carries the sounds of songs and shouts of joy from the Hermon Baptist Church that can be heard from a block away. There is a celebration, a Christmas celebration for children of the Fe y Esperanza Student Center located in Managua, Nicaragua.

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group of children in classroom

How Can Teen Leaders Influence Others?

Although he’s young, Axel is very mature and respectful in the way he talks and treats his friends. He is a good and intelligent child. Other teenagers follow him and respect him.

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young man standing next to his mother

When It Comes to Sponsorship, How Much Does Age Matter?

Regardless of their sponsor’s age, children are happy to have someone overseas caring for them, someone to communicate with through letters.

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How Do Cross Cultural Differences Affect Letter Writing?

How do Cross Cultural Differences Affect Letter Writing?

Writing is not usual in Nicaragua. At school, letter writing is taught but never practiced. So it is difficult for tutors and children in child development centers to get in the habit of writing letters three times a year.

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Sharing Jesus with Creative Teaching Methods

When I visit student centers I enjoy seeing how teachers come up with different ideas to explain their lessons. Therefore, my visit to Roca de la Eternidad student center was a great opportunity to learn new teaching methods and see how they were implemented.

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girl sitting at table reading Bible

How Is Jesus Transforming Lives in Nicaragua?

For eight years the local pastor, child development center staff, and church committee have worked to help children in Los Brasiles grow. The results of that daily effort is rewarded when a child, parent or other relative comes to know God.

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