Waiting for a Miracle

Twelve years ago, a beautiful baby girl was born in Nicaragua. Her mother named her Kendry. Kendry grew up like any other child, running, playing and being friendly. But soon her fifth birthday came and, with it, an awful surprise.

A Nicaraguan girl wearing a yellow shirt

Kendry asked her mother, Candida, if she could skip exercise class at school.

She kept falling for no reason, as if her legs were not strong enough to keep her standing.

Little by little, Kendry got worse. Walking became a difficult task for her. She needed help to do simple things like walk, hold a glass, color, and unbutton her shirt or pants.

Her health condition was hard for her family, because they didn’t know what she had. Kendry’s mother, Candida, tells us,

“There is no one in the family with that problem, but it seems that my blood and my husband’s blood are not compatible, and that’s where this may originate.

“I had another child before Kendry who died of the same problem at the age of 8.

“At that time, we lived far from the capital and our son did not receive good medical attention. Now with Kendry, I know more people who can help me.

“I quit working to take care of Kendry, and took her to the doctor. The doctor said she had flat feet. He prescribed orthopedic shoes, but soon we realized the shoes didn’t work.

“Then the doctor prescribed an MRI, which I didn’t have the money for. The amount for the MRI was impossible for us.”

The doctor urged Candida to have an MRI scan performed quickly . He suggested that Candida visit TV stations to ask for help, but she was hesitant.

“I was embarrassed. I touched some doors, but none of them opened. However, God had a different plan.”

A call from the hospital gave Candida wonderful news. A lady wanted to pay for Kendry’s MRI scan.

“It is a great testimony, because God sent me an angel who paid for everything. … She said to meet her at 6 a.m. the next day at another hospital. She even paid for our breakfast that morning.

“It was a miracle that only God could do, and thank God.”

The scan showed a progressive disease that deteriorates muscles. Amazingly, Kendry has shown improvement since that time.

“For the glory of God, Kendry’s disease has not advanced in these five years, and she is improving little by little. I declare that my daughter is going to receive a complete healing, because God began His work and whatever He begins, He finishes.”

Meanwhile, Kendry attends the student center faithfully and, from the beginning, all of her classmates have kept an eye on her for whatever she needs in class — like her chair, water, paper, colors, etc.

Karla, Kendry’s first teacher shares,

“Kendry was present in every activity. We never left her. On field trips, I held her in one arm and her chair in the other arm as we watched her friends play. She was a good fan of her team, clapping and shouting in her own way. At camp, Kendry was also with us.”

A group of children in a classroom

Kendry’s current teacher, Dina, adds,

“Now that she’s older, I evaluate her with questions. I normally stay after class with her to reinforce her learning. Kendry answers very well because she is very intelligent. She also helps me decorate some of the crafts we make.

A girl holding up a craft she made

“Her classmates love her very much and see how disciplined she is attending the child development center when they, sometimes, don’t want to come.”

The church and the development center support the family in prayer and help with whatever needs arise.

Kendry shares,

“I feel good at the student center. I like to sing and pray.”

Two years a go, Kendry made the decision to get baptized. Because of her faith in God, some of her family members have also accepted Christ.

Kendry has spent five years in rehabilitation, and she has improved her movements. Her mother explains,

“We go two hours, twice a week. She does a variety of exercises, horse riding, etc.

“They help her with school assignments and teach her computer.

“Some people ask me why I don’t get a wheelchair for her, but Kendry replies,

“‘Who says I’m going to sit in a chair? God already healed me. No one will see me in a wheelchair!’

“She has faith that the Lord already healed her and she will walk again by herself.”

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