Compassion Prepares for the Children of North Korea

While most of Seoul stayed away from public gatherings during the recent MERS outbreak, 1,100 church leaders representing 163 churches from across the peninsula of South Korea came together to prepare their hearts and minds for the day when they can directly serve the children of North Korea.

Stepping into the large conference hall for the recent North Korea Ministry Summit (June 8 & 9) was an act of courage itself – a foreshadowing of the courage needed to some day minister to the children of North Korea.

Compassion North Korea Ministry Summit

According to a January 2014 report published by the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRC or North Korea) practices systematic gross human rights violations and is one of the most repressive environments in the world.

The North Korea Ministry Summit, hosted by Compassion Korea in partnership with Compassion Global Advocacy, was designed to both raise awareness of the needs of children in North Korea while also mobilizing the Korean Church to be equipped to practically help children when their neighbors to the north can be reached.

Topics covered during the two-day summit included: holistic child development and curriculum, theological foundations of poverty alleviation, effective church and community partnership and research on the state of children in North Korea. We also heard from several North Korean defectors to understand their story and learn what it will take to reach out directly to children there.

But more impressive than the well-researched lectures and inspiring workshops was a pervasive sense of humility and love for their neighbors (and enemies) in North Korea. Scriptures like “love your enemies” and “always be ready” take on new meaning when discussing North Korea.

And I expect great things from the Korean church because they are already demonstrating great reliance on our Father, who loves the children of North Korea relentlessly.

Compassion wants to be ready, but this could look different than any other child development work we’ve ever encountered in our 65 years.

Imagine driving two hours north to personally visit the child you sponsor. What would that type of sponsorship relationship look like?

Or how can we do child development that’s church-based when there aren’t any visibly organized churches, only secret Christians? There is evidence that many North Koreans have preserved their faith through several generations of oppression. I have spoken with child defectors who have heard of Jesus through their parents in secret.

These are the kinds of questions that the North Korea Readiness Team is working on now. We believe we need to be ready, not surprised.

And we are not alone.

There are already 200 Korean churches both in South Korea and abroad who are working with us to resolve these obstacles and develop creative solutions to reach the most oppressed in North Korea.

May God find us ready when the opportunity to serve children in North Korea comes.

And may it come soon.

Will you join us in preparing our hearts and minds? Please join us in prayer. If you speak Korean, you can join the prayer movement to stay connected and be a part.

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  1. Bishop CIZA Samson January 4, 2017

    I am leader of compassion church in Burundi country
    My topic is to change people to be Christians and then we help the orphans and victims we have around 350children and 150 olds
    We do this in 7 provinces of Burundi. We ask you partnership because we do the same work of helping children

    1. Sarah January 4, 2017

      Hello Bishop! Regrettably, Compassion does not currently work in Burundi, nor do we plan to expand there in the near future. Though we are not able to help you at this time, we will continue to pray for your ministry in your community fervently! God bless you!

  2. Eleanor Clark July 15, 2015

    I would like to sponsor a child from North Korea to if to happens.

  3. joe July 13, 2015

    i think this would be a great idea and i would be personally proud and honored to sponser a kid from korea. i hope this goes through. god bless you all.

  4. YoungHee Kang July 4, 2015

    Praise God!
    As a Child Advocate and Korean, I am ecstatic yet humbled by all the beautiful work of GMC Compassion from the beginning to now and beyond for its partnership with Compassion Korea especially for the North Korea Ministry Summit. I just cannot wait until the reunification of Korea. I want to thank Compassion USA and give the greatest thank to our Lord, Jesus Christ!!! 😉

    YoungHee Kang

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