3 Bad Reasons to Give to Charity

If I Give All I Have to the Poor, But Have Not Love… Love in the Bible

Here are three reasons people give to charity that may be prompted by something other than love — and why it matters.

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How to Increase Your Church’s Impact on Global Poverty

How to Increase Your Church's Impact on Global Poverty Barna Research

You desire to develop disciples who are passionately engaged with the God-given mission to care for those living in extreme poverty. Yet, it can be difficult to know where to begin. These highlights from Barna’s latest study, The Good News About Global Poverty will provide you with some simple ideas to put into action today.

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4 Easy Ways to Share Your Heart for Children in Poverty at Work

4 Easy Ways to Share Your Heart for Children in Poverty at Work

Did you know that you spend more than 2,000 hours every year with your co-workers? They’re wonderful people to share your passions with. But how do you talk about your heart for children in poverty at work? Here are four easy ways!

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Compassion North Korea Ministry Summit

Compassion Prepares for the Children of North Korea

What would child development look like in North Korea? 1,100 church leaders from 163 churches met in South Korea at the recent Compassion North Korea Ministry Summit to begin to answer this question.

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Advocacy Featured

What Does Advocacy Look Like?

Advocacy is big and small. It’s hundreds of people and it’s a single voice. It’s big roles and small conversations. It’s both difficult and simple, all at once. But always, always, it’s about connecting people to the opportunity to do something extraordinary. To love a child they’ve never met.

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compassion summer intern veronica kelly

Compassion Summer Intern: Putting a Face on Poverty

Every summer, 20 university students enroll in our 10 1/2-week internship program for the opportunity to gain professional experience within Compassion. After the Compassion summer intern trip to Guatemala, Veronica Fertzer advocates for all children who live in extreme poverty, not just those in the Compassion program.

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Two young ladies standing next to a woman.

So You Want to Advocate for Children?

In her first couple of years as a volunteer child advocate, Vicki strongly encouraged a couple of enthusiastic sponsors to join the Advocate Network.

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two girls walking down a dirt road

How One Woman Is Confronting the Global Orphan Crisis

Diane Elliot, an author, professional photographer, and business administrator of Wauconda, Illinois, willingly takes on the title of mother to children who have never had their own.

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White church with a tall steeple.

What’s a Little Chaos on a Compassion Sunday?

Beverly was not letting a few inconveniences get in the way of children being sponsored. After all, her toilet may have been temporarily out of order, but most of the children she was hoping to get sponsors for don’t even have a toilet.

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world map with children's photos attached

How to be Involved with Child Sponsorship on a Tight Budget

Sponsors at my church have been experiencing financial hardships with gas prices, unemployment, and the overall cost of living. I’m not sure if you’re experiencing this same tension, but I suspect that with finances being tighter, many of us are investing less time in this ministry.

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Young girl sitting between a man and a lady.

Seven Ways to a More Rewarding Sponsorship

Sponsorship, when fully embraced, changes both the child’s and the sponsor’s lives. There are simple things you can do to make your sponsorship more rewarding.

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Young boys in a classroom.

What Power Do Actions Give Our Words?

What matters — what really matters — is how I live each and every day. If my everyday life is not a shining example of the care and nurture and love and respect due a child, all my words will fall on deaf ears.

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