The Cost of Child Labor [INFOGRAPHIC]

Child laborers are not simply working an after-school job. They are children that have had their safety, education and childhoods taken from them. Many work full-time for little to no pay. Abuse is rampant.

Learn the true cost of child labor in this infographic and how you can help.

The Cost of Chid Labor Infographic

Many children in our sponsorship program live in communities that experience higher incidents of child rights violations. These violations include not only child labor but child prostitution, child trafficking, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect, early marriages and harmful cultural practices.

Your sponsorship of a vulnerable child provides protection, education, action planning and an immediate response to abuse when needed.

Stop child labor before it starts.


UPDATE: Statistics in this infographic have been updated as of October 2016

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  1. lizette lopez February 8, 2017

    child labor is a very bad and cruel thing and I hope no more children will have to go through child labor.

  2. omar kalaki October 26, 2016

    plz name is omar and am from kenya..i request someone to enroll me in this programme..i was a victim of child labour and today am strong..i would like to join in the war against child labour and i have the power and spirit to fight 95% of child abuse..i witness many in kenya here but have tried to fight it.please help me join the fight by giving mandate and authority

    1. Christina Wilson October 26, 2016

      Omar, I am deeply sorry to hear of the hardships you have endured. We are very grateful for your heart and your desire to help impoverished, vulnerable children in Kenya. For more information on how you can possible work with us, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you and God bless you.

  3. Idris Isyaku Abdullahi August 14, 2016

    Hello, am a student in the field of child labour research. I found the problem disgusting.The menance is high in most of African countries particularly my country Nigeria. Hope the international donor agencies will do more to eliminate the problem

  4. Owusu Elizabeth Blessing May 12, 2016

    Thank you for your contribution to humankind to make a world better place to live by trying to eliminate child labour from the societies. More hands are needed to be on the deck to handle this situation.

    Grease to your elbow. Please which countries compassion have branches. Can we meet face to face?

    Thank you and God bless you.

    1. Emily Vanhoutan May 13, 2016

      Hi there! We appreciate your support and desire to see children freed from the injustices of child labor and given the opportunity to know their worth and value as precious children of God. Compassion works in 25 countries around the world. You can see all the countries we work in, on our website. Although we may not be able to meet face to face, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about our ministry through email at [email protected]. God bless you!

  5. Mrs Y Kaufman April 28, 2016

    Hi, we are the grade 6 learners of Lobethal school in Tugela Ferry KZN, South Africa. Thank the Lord for your organization and care for these children who labour in bad circumstances. Our community is also poor but we are very blessed to be able to attend school while so many don’t have any choice in working and are forced.

    We trust the Lord for divine connections, wisdom and finance for your organization

    The Grade six Social Science class.

  6. Grace Adekeye March 17, 2016

    Hello Susan, my name is grace from Nigeria i am really compassionate about this issue of child labor as it is rampant in my country too, however in my neighboring community i have lots of victims, in the past i have rendered help to those i can help but i will like to know if there is any organization that can sponsor people professionally and financially because i know it will go a long way in saving lives thereby building a better generation of actual freedom.

    1. Susan Sayler March 17, 2016

      Grace, I am grateful for your heart to end child labor in your country. Regrettably, we do not work in Nigeria and do not have any other organizations to recommend to you. I pray that God blesses you in your efforts and provides for you as you seek to save and develop the lives of children in Nigeria.

  7. FREDNURU February 25, 2016

    I am a former United Nation Frontline Agent in Liberia and Cote D’Ivoire with experience in deep jungle and forest.I know of a rubber plantation in Cote’D’Ivoire, Sierra Loane and Liberia where Children are been used for Labour.Houses are built like Cells with body guards no Child can escape because of the vast width and lenght of the forest.Some Children who attempted to escape were found dead later because they cannot find their way back.Their masters that sold them to the Lebanese are from Bukinafaso,and neighbourng,congo.How can I be of help to rescue these poor Children.

    1. Sarah February 25, 2016

      Hi Frednuru. Thank you so much for the heart you have for the children still suffering in places like Sierra Loane, Cote’D’Ivoire, and Liberia. Knowing how much these precious children suffer and endure breaks our hearts as well. Regrettably, Compassion is not able to currently work in those countries, so we don’t have a way for you to help efforts through us. I’d encourage you to look for ministries specifically dedicated to rescuing children from labor in those countries. I thank the Lord that he gave you the heart to fight for the justice of those children Frednuru. I will be praying you find a way to act on it!

  8. Jacob Denham-barrett November 10, 2015

    Hello, my name is Jacob Denham-Barrett and I am a senior at John Handley High School. am contacting you today to request that i can do an interview with someone within this committee over email about Child Labor in Apple factories in China for my senior capstone project. If you can get back to me as soon as possible that would be great. I would like to have this done by November 13.
    Thank you, Jacob

    1. Susan Sayler November 10, 2015

      Jacob, I apologize for the delay in our response. Regrettably, we do not work in China currently and therefore would not be able to give you much information regarding the Apple factories there. Best wishes as you work on your senior capstone project.

  9. Ladislaus N Tumbu February 19, 2014

    Good mornie,iam a student i want to sponsor child but i failed awhile,how can i do for your help……! thanx

    1. Susan Sayler February 20, 2014

      Hi there! Are you wanting to sponsor a child or be sponsored?

      1. raymond hummel October 19, 2016

        yes you chose to be sponsored?

  10. JD February 18, 2014

    I strongly and passionately believe that child sponsorship through Compassion International is one of the best ways to prevent slavery and child labor before it begins. Want to become an abolitionist with a focus on preventing slavery? Become a sponsor!

    There is currently more slavery in the world than there has ever been in human history. The majority of those enslaved are children and women, which furthers the vicious cycle of poverty. Thankful for Compassion’s ministry. SO thankful.

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