Do My Letters to the Child I Sponsor Actually Matter?

It’s the question we heard over and over when we asked you what you want to know about letter writing this year on the Compassion Letter Club.

We heard it when you said, “I haven’t gotten a letter from her in a while.” We heard it when you asked about the topics he has included — or not included — in his letters to you. No matter your questions or expectations, we heard what you really want to know:

“Do my letters to the child I sponsor actually matter?”

But we wish you could ask our alumni – the young men and women who receive those letters, treasure them, even memorize them – that question.

Do My Letters to the Child I Sponsor Actually Matter

Letters that John, a Compassion graduate and owner of his own business, has kept long after graduating from our program.

You may not be able to ask them, but we sure can!

A few years ago, we gathered nearly a dozen Compassion alumni from around the world, and we asked them all sorts of questions about their lives and their time in the Compassion program. And, inevitably, the topic of letters came up.

When you watch the video below, imagine yourself sitting in that circle with those Compassion almuni. Asking them about why letters matter. And hearing the stories of joy, sadness and constant, beautiful gratitude. And imagine what the child you sponsor would say if you were able to ask…

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Families in poverty have no safety net in times of crisis. Help provide food, medical care and support during this pandemic.

“Do my letters matter to you?”

Watch Sponsor Letters: Conversations with Compassion Alumni and subscribe to Compassion YouTube for more stories.

Your words matter, not just for the moment but for a lifetime. Keep sharing your life and your love. Send a letter today.


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    Mugenyi July 29, 2018

    Je prie au Seigneur Dieu de soutenir son oeuvre dans le monde.Et de bénir surtout ceux qui se donnent corps et âme pour prendre en charge un nécéssiteux.

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