Ebola Outbreak in Africa: Our Response

Update (08/12/14): The map in this post has been updated to reflect the most current information available.

With the recent outbreak of Ebola in West African countries, many sponsors have been asking if their children are safe.

First and foremost, no Compassion children or staff have been directly affected. Still, we are taking precautionary measures to protect our children and staff should the outbreak spread into the countries where we work. If your Compassion-sponsored child has been impacted we will contact you directly.

“Compassion is working with country health officials in Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso to stay informed about the Ebola outbreak and its potential risks,” says Terry Laura, Compassion’s health technical advisor, “In all three countries, Compassion field staff are undergoing Ebola awareness training and distributing educational resources to field staff and church partners.”

Ebola Outbreak Compassion

“Togo, Burkina Faso and Ghana are at higher risk for Ebola entering their countries, as they are approximately 1,283 kilometers from Liberia, which is about 800 miles away,” said Katy Causey, Compassion Africa Communication Specialist. “Compassion’s East Africa countries – Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia – are much farther away. For instance, the distance between Liberia, where many Ebola cases have been reported, and Kenya is about 7,434 kilometers, or over 4,600 miles. That’s about 1.5 times the distance from California to New York.”

Ebola virus (or Ebola hemorrhagic fever) is one of the world’s most virulent diseases with a case fatality rate of up to 90%. The virus is transmitted by direct contact with the blood, body fluids and tissues of infected animals or people.

Named after the Ebola River, the virus was first recognized in 1976. Since then, there have been more than 3,300 reported human cases and more than 2,000 deaths. To date, there is no licensed vaccine available for treatment of humans or animals against Ebola virus. However several are being tested.

“Our prayers go out to the individuals and their families affected by this disease,” says Sidney Muisyo, Compassion’s Africa regional vice president. “Our hope is for the swift containment of the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Compassion’s highest priority remains the safety and well-being of the children and families we serve.”

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  1. Annabell Myrick September 17, 2014

    I’m a new sponsor and was just able to log on. My child is Fousseni Ouatara (BF-611-0146) he is in Burkina Faso, Yegueresso plains. I pray he and his family have not been affected by Ebola. I will be notified if they are?

    1. Emily Vanhoutan September 18, 2014

      Hello Annabell! Thank you for your love and concern for Fousseni. You can rest assured that if your boy is affected, we will contact you personally. Currently, no Compassion beneficiaries have been impacted by Ebloa. Praise God for his protection over the staff, children, and families in the countries we work in!

  2. Reva Gray September 2, 2014

    You are all wonderful and precious people. May the Lord Himself, Who is Willing and Able to deliver us, Bless You. My child lives in India, but I have friends in Africa and am praying for this disease to be stamped out. Love in Jesus !

  3. Charles Ngowi August 22, 2014

    Dear Marcy,
    Receive greetings from Tanzania.
    I am the Field Communications Specialist from Compassion International Tanzania. We are closely following on the news about the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa and we are praying for those affected countries and individual victims.
    I just want to let you know there has not been any reported case of Ebola in Tanzania. Therefore your child is safe and all other children and Compassion staff are safe. The government is also keen in education people through public media to be aware of the symptoms of Ebola and report any such symptoms. Let’s continue to uphold Tanzania and all of East Africa to remain safe from this deadly outbreak.

  4. Hannah August 19, 2014

    Our sweet boy Richard (GH-209-0130) is in Ghana. Can someone please give me information? Thank you!

    1. Susan Sayler August 19, 2014

      Hi Hannah! We appreciate your care and concern for your child! No Compassion children or staff have been directly affected. In fact, none of the countries where we work have any reported cases of Ebola yet. We are working to prevent a spread to the countries where we work and help contain a spread should there be one. I can assure you that your child is just fine. 🙂 If your child has been affected, we will contact you personally.

  5. Philo Malembe August 15, 2014

    My children; Ruth and David are scooling in Ghana at “all nations university college in Koforidua.”Please pray with me that God will protecte them.Iam praying for all the affected countries and beleive that our God who love us will stop it

  6. George W. Davis, III August 11, 2014

    My wife and I sponsor Ouattara Aicha in Burkina Faso at the Baptist Bourkina Church of Koudougou Child Development Center. Aicha’s Reference # is BF-256-0087. We are praying for her safety and the safety of the other children. Please keep us posted on her health status. In Christ.
    George and Joanna Davis

  7. Eleanor Clark August 11, 2014

    My child is in Ghana his name is Bless I know you will let me if he gets affected I will be praying for the people in Ghana.Togo, and Burkina Faso where I have another sponsor child named Jonathan

  8. Sharon Weston August 11, 2014

    I sponsor Berlinda, 9, in Ghana and Sidonie, 11, in Togo. I understand and greatly appreciate that you are doing everything you can to protect both your staff and our children and their families and that you will notify me if either of my girls is affected. I simply want to let you know that I am praying for your staff and the children and their families. Thank you for all you are doing to help them. May God’s grace be with you and them.

    1. Emily Vanhoutan August 11, 2014

      Sharon, thank you so much for your kindness and concern. Your prayers are felt and appreciated! We will be sure to contact you directly if either of your precious children have been affected. God bless you!

  9. John August 11, 2014

    Could you please check on our son? His number is (BF4060151)
    Thank you in advance for your time!

    1. Emily Vanhoutan August 11, 2014

      John, we are grateful for your concern for Moussa. I want to encourage you that there have been no reported cases of Ebola in Burkina Faso and no children or staff in our projects have been affected; praise God! We will make sure to contact you personally if we do receive news otherwise regarding your child.

      1. John August 12, 2014

        Thank you so much for your reply! We will continue to pray for Moussa!

  10. Marcy August 11, 2014

    is my child in Tanzania safe? her number is(TZ2310051). please keep me posted. and bless all your staff in East Africa and around the world! we pray for the kids and you staff each and every day,God bless you

    1. Joseph Mayala August 20, 2014

      Hello Marcy,
      I was the Country Director for Compassion International Tanzania up to end of June 2014 and now I live in Nairobi, Kenya but still a staff of Compassion International.
      As far as I know there is no any ebola case reported in Tanzania. Therefore on behalf of Tanzania I can assure you that your child is safe.

    2. Susan Sayler August 11, 2014

      Marcy, I appreciate your care and concern for your child. There are no reported cases of Ebola in East Africa or Tanzania at this time. If we receive word that your child has been affected, we will contact you personally. Thank you for your prayers for our offices in West Africa! We can certainly use them! 🙂

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