Help Support Mompreneurs in Poverty This Giving Tuesday

Through life-skills training and microloans, mothers in the Child Survival program are learning that poverty is not their destiny. Meet some of the mompreneurs using their God-given potential and capacity to build a strong future for their children.

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Inspiring Stories of Courage and Bravery

“It is easy to get discouraged in a world full of evil, murders and lack of opportunity. It is easy to take our eyes off God and see our weakness and limitations. But with God, there are no limitations.” These are the wise words of 17-year-old Compassion student, Meryl. She’s our inspiration for this month’s edition of Totally Worth It … curated stories of courage and bravery.

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World Malaria Day: Save a Family Through Malaria Prevention

Instead of showing up to the playground for his morning soccer game, little Mamadou woke with a high fever and began to vomit. His mother, Mariam, rushed him to the doctor. Sitting on the back of the bicycle, clutching his mother’s dress tightly, Mamadou quivered throughout the 10km-long ride from their house to the public health center. His mother had only one thought: She hoped her son did not have malaria.

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TV Takes Easter Beyond Church Walls in Burkina Faso

A children’s TV program provides a means for staff member Phoebe Lankoande to share the message of Easter beyond the walls of the church in Burkina Faso.

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Fear, Ebola and Me

“Are you sure you want to travel there right now? Couldn’t you get… Ebola?” My friend hesitantly asked me this question before my recent trip to Uganda, in Eastern Africa. I found a map and showed my well-meaning friend the actual distance from the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak to Uganda. It’s about 4500 miles, which is well over the distance from California to New York.

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Ebola Outbreak in Africa: Our Response

With the recent outbreak of Ebola in West African countries, many sponsors have been asking if their children are safe. No Compassion children or staff have been directly affected. Still, we are taking precautionary measures to protect our children and staff should the outbreak spread into the countries where we work.

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Christmas in Burkina Faso

“When nights are cold and dawns much colder,” says 14-year-old Ozias, “When there is freezing wind, when our skin cracks and always looks dirty, when our mothers insist that we use lip balm, and when we do not have to wake up early for school, then we know it’s Christmas season!”

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Singing for Jesus at Easter

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easter music for church Tabitha leans on the table and writes to her sponsor about how she and her family will celebrate Easter.

She is the younger of two children in a family with a strong Christian background. Her father is an evangelist and singer, and recently released his second album.

In one of his songs, Tabitha’s father defines Easter as the celebration of Jesus’ sacrificial death for humanity. This joint passion for the gospel and music is something Tabitha’s father passed on to her.

Next to Tabitha sits another girl of the same age, Roussina. The two girls have been friends since grade one and share many things, including plans for Easter.

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Standing Up to Prejudice and Abuse Through Awareness

Violence in its many forms, exploitation for economic aims and the denial of basic rights remains the portion for many women and children living in Burkina Faso.

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The Prince and the Villainous Creatures

Every time Prince Poubila was served a meal and was left alone to savor it, there appeared villainous creatures who deprived him of all his food. The boy was so scared that he never resisted them and never dared to tell anyone of what he was enduring.

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What Teenagers Learn and Share

We recently met several wonderful teenagers in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. In the time we spent with them, they shared what they have learned at their child development centers.

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Through the Eyes of a Child: Burkina Faso

We gave several children in Burkina Faso disposable or digital cameras and asked them to take photos of their lives. Looking at these photos, what do you think matters most to the children who took them?

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