Evil Schemes and Generous Plans

The evil one, the wicked schemer, devises wicked plans against the poor, and he has been highly successful. Over half the world’s population is a slave of his plan.

“…the schemes of the schemer are evil; he devises wicked plans to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaks justice.” — Isaiah 32:7, NKJV

I can’t think of a more accurate description of poverty.

This wicked scheme called poverty has stolen hope, killed dreams and destroyed lives.

The enemy has spoken lying words to those caught in his scheme. He has told them they don’t matter. He has made them believe they are all alone in their suffering. He has deceived them into thinking their situation will never change. They no longer dream or aspire to anything better, because they have believed his lies.

children in Haiti

Imagine, billions of souls caught in the greatest destructive plot in history! Who will help them? Who will save them?

Look at the next verse,

“But a generous man devises generous things, and by generosity he shall stand.” — Isaiah 32:8, NKJV

The answer is us. Me, and you, and all who call themselves by the name of the Lord. The answer is generous people, devising generous plans. Those generous plans are the antidote to the schemes of the enemy.

Compassion is a generous plan. It exists to speak the truth into the lives of children who are enslaved by the enemy and his lies. It exists to bring light to their darkness, and hope to the hopelessness of his wicked scheme.

I’m also thinking about generous people who plan and pray and devise ways to help the poor.

The family who fasts a meal a week so they can sponsor a child. The student who bypasses a few lattes so she can feed the hungry. The church groups who pool their resources so they can make a difference. Those are generous plans.

It’s not an easy fight, and it takes sacrifice and humility and persistence. But just think what might happen if enough generous people decided to use their intelligence, skills and resources to devise enough generous plans! Maybe we could defeat the wicked scheme called poverty once and for all.

So what is your generous plan?

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  1. Gail November 7, 2011

    Yes, helping the poor takes generousity of time, money and resources but the most impacting, most important, free thing we can do to help the poor is Pray! It’s free (although the more you do it, the more it will cost your heart) and it’s effective.

    Thanks for the reminder that we need to be generous 🙂

  2. Narcedalia November 7, 2011

    We can share the vision and goal of Compassion with an individual at least once a week and as often the Lord provides the opportunity. In talking about Compassion we make aware the suffering of others that are as human as we are and we provide information and ability for empowerment for them to make a positive change in this evil of poverty.

  3. De Ann Francis November 7, 2011

    Being a partner with Compassion has also helped me have eyes to see needs right infront of me. Giving help in the form of food, finances, or a place to live while a brother or sister gets back on their feet should come as natural for God’s people as loving loving Him.

  4. kendhye Conte November 7, 2011

    Hye this’s kendhye Conte actually I’m in Haiti so I’ve one of my friend who lives in Nigeria she name is Igbokwe margaret she is 20 she needs help cause her morther Left her when she was 7 years old so she want to continue studying in university of Nigeria so keep me notice when you have someone to sponsor her. Thanks a lot to let me write and may God bless you.

    1. Jacquie Parella November 7, 2011

      Sorry Kendhye but we do not work in Nigeria. Praying your friend finds the right sponsor with the right organization! -Jacquie

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