Fighting Famine with Innovation

We believe in the power of one child. Helping one child be released from emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical poverty can change families, communities…the world. Our approach is long-term and holistic, beginning in some cases with prenatal care and going all the way through leadership development for young adults.

This long-term holistic approach also empowers our local church partners to meet the needs of both the individual child and their community through our Complementary Intervention Program (CIV). Because in many cases the problems a child faces are problems the entire community faces.

In the case of this community in Kamwaa in Kenya, it was famine.

Faced with 5 years of drought, this community was suffering. But instead of trying to find food elsewhere for the children and their caregivers, the leadership at this Child Development Center looked to their natural resources and funding from our income generation CIV. The result united an entire community in creating a farm that not only provided food but a source of long-term income for the families.

Have you ever given to one of our Complementary Interventions? Well, here’s your chance to see the direct result. And this is just one story of hundreds through the years – from income generation to life-saving surgeries to providing safe water to building safe playgrounds, just to name a few.

To you who have given, we and the Kamwaa community say, “Thank You!”

Watch the video of Fighting Famine with Innovation to see the beautiful transformation from famine to feast to finances.

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