Jesus Loves Me

As we pull up to the Compassion child development center, I can hear music floating into the bus. The tune is familiar,

“Yes, Jesus Loves Me… Yes, Jesus Loves Me…”

We are in for a big treat and I suddenly wish I had sat at the front of the bus. I want to get into that church building to soak up every second of time we have to share with these beautiful children.

As I walk into the church, I see over 100 children sitting in white plastic chairs. There aren’t any open seats, so I spot a group of little girls, scoop one into my arms, and set her on my lap.

jesus loves me

Suddenly, I’m surrounded by beautiful little Dominican girls who are feeling my hair and my skin. Their smiles are infectious!

The sweet little one sitting next to me is called to the front to read the Bible to us. I can’t understand very much Spanish, but I see worship in her face and praise coming from her lips. It is obvious that she loves Jesus.

When she’s done, she comes back with a huge smile on her face. She is so proud! She must have practiced every word of that passage…over and over again. Her parents probably have it memorized! She makes her way back to her seat and snuggles back in beside me to watch her classmates perform.

Jesus Loves Me – The Heart of a Pastor

It’s later in the day. Boy it’s hot. I’m playing, well attempting to play, soccer with a group of boys when I hear that song again. This time, it’s coming from over by the playground.

You can also view Jesus Loves Me on Jesus Loves the Little Children.

The sound of children singing praise to Jesus has to be one of the most beautiful sounds. The joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus shows when the children sing.

When I hear them sing to Jesus, I know that your donation each month not only provides the necessities of life for your sponsored child, it also provides the message of eternal life. Without that message, your child would be missing an essential part of life—a relationship with Jesus.

Before we left that village in the Dominican Republic, we sat down with the pastor of the church. He shared that the local sugar cane plant closed down, leaving the people of his congregation without work, and therefore without means to provide for their families.

The center provides basic needs for the children, but it doesn’t stop there!

Compassion helped the church start a Complementary Intervention Program to train teens and adults with valuable skills for life. They offer classes in computer repair, baking skills, and culinary arts. This summer they are gradating 500 people from their culinary arts program!

He also shared his heart for the spiritual needs of his community. The lost and helpless need Jesus. He knows that Jesus is transforming the hearts of his neighbors!

The pastor’s prayer is that everyone in that community will sing with confidence,

“Jesus loves me this I know. For the Bible tells me so.”

…just like the children at the Compassion center.

Want a free copy of this version of Jesus Loves Me? Download it here.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: MeLissa LeFleur Houdmann lives with her husband in beautiful Colorado
Springs. She is an associate editor for She enjoys hiking in the mountains, playing with her dog, and sharing her love for Compassion International with others.

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