Living in El Salvador: What’s Life Like?

El Salvador Facts Kids

Learn more about what it’s like to live in the smallest country in Central America!

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Our Amazing Neighbors: 15 Photos of Churches Around the World

Kelvin is wearing a white shirt and jeans. He is standing outside the Compassion center with his hands touching in front of him. The Compassion center building is yellow and green.

When a child enters the Compassion Sponsorship Program, he or she is registered at a local Compassion center. But before any center can open, a partnership is needed between Compassion and a local church.

Here are 15 photos of churches that partner with Compassion around the world!

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Fortune, wearing a blue and white shirt and black pants, is sitting to the right of her mother, who is holding Divine, Fortune’s sister, on her lap. Fortune's mother is wearing an orange shirt and blue skirt.

These Kids in Togo Need Your Prayers This Christmas!

This Compassion center in southern Togo knows how to throw a memorable celebration at Christmastime. This year, however, a shadow of uncertainty is cast over the children and their families. COVID-19 restrictions have been enforced across Togo, prohibiting the center’s traditional Christmas gathering. Kids at the center are still grappling with what this Christmas will look like. Read their words below, and lift up a prayer for children like them around the world who are grieving this year.

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Several young people smiling.

Jesus Loves Me

The sound of children singing praise to Jesus has to be one of the most beautiful sounds. The joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus shows when the children sing.

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group of happy children with a caregiver

Safe Water Means Better Health

In Togo, national statistics indicate that 39 percent of the population do not have access to an improved drinking water source. A quarter of the Togolese population do not have, within a 30 minute walk, a source of drinking water.

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young man holding photos

Making New Friends with Letters

Through our child development centers, the ministry has initiated a new type of friendship in Bangladesh. For sponsored children, friendship isn’t limited to age, distance or culture.

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tomatoes from guatemala

Life Lesson from a Tomato (Not Bob)

The children at the Santa Lucía student center are learning some valuable life lessons from growing their own tomatoes.

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boy in a red shirt and denim pants sitting on a step holding a piece of paper

Broken Home, Healed Heart

Shortly after Luis’ parents separated, his moods often changed from happy to sad. His heart was hurt and in need of much love.

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palm tree with buildings behind it

But Then, We Had Compassion

Irene and her country, once torn apart by the evil of genocide, now rise from destruction with songs of praise.

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holding hands

How Does One Church Bear Good Fruit?

The Fourth Nazarene Church in Nicaragua wants to do something for their neighborhood. In their community, alcoholism, drugs, gangs and violence are common, and the church needs good soil in which to sow seeds that will bear good fruit.

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teens at tables in classroom

Waiting for a Miracle

Little by little, walking became difficult for Kendry. She needed help to do simple things like walk, hold a glass, color, and unbutton her shirt or pants.

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woman embracing boy

To See a Child Smile

The bloggers all sit in a circle and laugh and pretend to know Spanish and laugh some more. But not Ivan. He does not smile.

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