One Sure Way to Create Meaningful Christmas Memories

I’m going to be honest with you: I love Christmas, but I’m not good at it. My wrapping skills are mediocre, my baking leaves something to be desired, and regardless of my best intentions, I’m usually scrambling through the Target aisles on Christmas Eve. However, what I lack in homemade magic, I make up for in memories.

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Who Goes Christmas Shopping for Kids in Compassion’s Program (and why NOW)?

If you’re a Compassion supporter, you may have already received a letter or email reminding you to send a Christmas gift to Compassion kids this year. Why so early?

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Débora is wearing a yellow shirt with a black pattern on it and a blue jacket. She is also wearing a red and black face mask. She is hugging a bag of beans outside her house.

Celebrate Giving Tuesday With COVID-19 Recovery

What better way to celebrate Giving Tuesday than with a gift to help families in poverty recover and rebuild? Compassion’s Gift Catalog is full of unique ways to make a big impact in the lives of children and their families. New this year are gifts specifically designed to help families impacted by COVID-19. Here are just a few of the gifts you can give this Giving Tuesday to help families overcome the devastating economic hardships caused by the pandemic.

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A girl sits on her bed holding an open Bible. There are twinkling lights in the background

Top 10 Reasons These Kids in Poverty Love Christmas

Learn why Christmas is the most anticipated holiday of the year for 10 children around the world. Their beautiful answers will put a smile on your face!

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How Do You Make Christmas More?

How Do You Make Christmas More?

Wait! I know what you’re thinking after reading that title.

“She’s going to tell me Christmas is too commercial. And that I need to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.”

You obviously don’t know me.

I love Christmas. I love twinkly lights and decorating sugar cookies and candlelight services and presents. I love presents. I’ve already started my Christmas shopping — NOT because I’m organized but just because it’s so much fun!

How Do You Make Christmas More?

This Christmas, I’m not going to encourage you to do less. The opposite, in fact. You should make Christmas more! Not more stuff. But more love. More joy. More Jesus.

Which moments during the holidays make you feel happiest? Bring you joy? Help you feel most in line with how Jesus taught us to live and care for one another?

How Do You Make Christmas More?

Is it the Christmas cards? Handwrite special notes for people you love (including the child you sponsor)!

The baking? Make a basket of cookies to share with that person in your life who feels alone this year.

The gift giving? Consider giving a gift from Compassion’s Gift Catalog — not only will you honor a loved one, but you’ll also provide a life-changing gift to a child in poverty.

How Do You Make Christmas More?

So go forth, and Make Christmas More this year! And let us know how you do it!

Use #MakeItMore on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to share your ideas for how you spread the joy of Jesus this Christmas season.

And follow all the inspiration as we post your great ideas and more to our Make It More Pinterest Board. Be sure to tag us and we’ll share your great ideas to inspire others!

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christmas miracle kenya slums

A Christmas Miracle

A woman came running to our business and amid uncontrollable emotions and said, “I have seen some abandoned bags at a bush near our house and I think it may be the things stolen from you.”

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Give a gift in Jesus' name catalog image

Give a Gift in Jesus’ Name

This Christmas, what if, instead of giving gifts that break, expire or get used up, you gave a gift that will last forever?

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people together celebrating

Celebrating Christmas in Sri Lanka

Stage lights were flickering and decorations were sitting proudly on the stage. Inigodawela Child Survival Program staff members were rushing to and fro trying to get things completed in time to start their Christmas program.

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young twin girls with birthday cake

A New Take on a Lifetime of Birthdays

It seems fairly common for those of us with December birthdays to grumble a bit about our birthdays being overshadowed by the holidays. We grumble about birthday presents being wrapped in Christmas paper or being designated for “birthday AND Christmas.”

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