What Gift Would You Bring to Baby Jesus?

The students of Elim Student Center in Taboso, Indonesia, share about the big Christmas celebration they have at the church every year, the gifts they received from their sponsors, and even what they would have brought baby Jesus if He had been born in Taboso. Their delightful stories are guaranteed to remind you why this really is one the most wonderful times of the year!

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You Foster Generosity When You Give a Christmas Gift

What if your Christmas gift did more than just bring joy to one child? What if your one act of giving helped foster generosity in an entire city? This is the case for a small island community in Indonesia. Through your gifts, Christmas giving became contagious!

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I Am Beautiful Like My Mother

Karunia is one of kind in her village. She’s not one of kind because she was the first in the village to be born with Apert syndrome. And she’s not one of kind because she looks different than other little girls her age. She’s one of a kind because she and her family, without even knowing it, are teaching their community about acceptance and true beauty.

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Letters from the Heart

Wolly was a sponsored child in the 1970s and 1980s. At at our Child Letter Campaign in East Indonesia, Wolly shared how his sponsor’s letters gave him strength to reach his dreams.

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I Love My Job!

Mathilda thanks God every day for her job with Compassion in East Indonesia.

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Miracles of God

People may have the same purposes and goals, but it is the journey that determines the strength of a vision.

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An Inside Look: Correspondence at Compassion

Since implementing the new online letter writing tool, we receive about 7,000 web letters each day compared to the 1,000 or so we received daily before the tool was implemented.

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Ministry Highlight: East Indonesia

We began our ministry in East Indonesia in 2005, with the Child Sponsorship Program and in 2006, we started the Child Survival Program.

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There Is Power in Sponsor Letters … in Your Letters

At some point, everyone feels like God has left them. Yunita, one of the youngest translators for Compassion Indonesia, felt as though she had been abandoned by God until she read the words of a sponsor.

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Seven Were Chosen to Serve the Needy

Serve the needy Compassion, which reopened its East Indonesia ministry in 2005, has brought new life to the ministry of some churches. Pastor Pangkey is one pastor who has been inspired by Compassion to begin new patterns of ministry.

He had the opportunity to take part in the Global Leadership Summit in 2007 in Jakarta. At the meeting, God asked him to challenge his congregation to open its heart more for the people in the community.

Pastor Pangkey felt that God wanted him to look to the others who haven’t yet been reached by our programs and the church. This is how he began the Stefanus Group.

“God spoke to me through the scripture in Acts 6:1-7, which speaks about the seven chosen men. The Twelve Disciples chose Stephen and six other men to be responsible for what the people needed at that time.

“We know that people who live in poverty are not only people in the past. We still meet a lot of people who live in poverty today. They can’t afford their basic needs like meals because many of them don’t have opportunity to have a job or build their own business. They have to struggle every day to fulfill their basic needs.”

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Protecting the Children in Our Program

In Indonesia, children’s rights are a critical issue — as in many countries, women and children are often the most vulnerable members of the community. Compassion Indonesia understands the urgent need to address this issue that often remains silent.

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