Three Things the Waldo Canyon Fire Taught Me

wildfire in distance

The Waldo Canyon fire gave summer intern Allison Temnick a unique chance to see the Body of Christ operate in its purest form. And through this experience, God revealed to her three things.

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Change the Story: The Compassion Experience

Compassion Experience semi-truck

Change the Story: The Compassion Experience is a traveling, interactive exhibit that allows you to journey through the lives of three real-life children who are affected not only by extreme poverty, but also by the Compassion ministry.

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City with tall buildings.

Heaven’s Metrics

Our ministry may grow by leaps and bounds in terms of the number of people we help, the amount of resources we manage, or even the number of godly leaders we have. Yet if all these efforts do not lead others closer to God, we will have failed.

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young boy flexing his muscles

Mighty Warriors

We may think we’re common people with normal lives, but God sees in us mighty warriors. He calls us to set God’s children free from the oppression that rules over them.

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group of men and women and children sitting and waiting

The Battle is God’s

Our best-laid plans cannot guarantee success. Our financial resources cannot buy the transformation we seek. Only God can do that.

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Jemima Amanor standing in front of Compassion sign

Six Reasons We Can Trust God

Jesus cautions us not to worry about anything, not even food or clothes. He gives us six reasons for trusting in God rather than worrying.

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Lady and small child outside of a gate.

God Showing Through

If God lives in us, then there’s no way of keeping Him from “showing through.”

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A boy in a blue shirt with a river behind him

What Would You Ask God?

If you could ask God anything — absolutely anything — what would it be? Sponsored children sit down with us and share their questions for God.

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woman writing letter

God’s Love for the World Is Personal

A sacrificing love still touches the spirit, heart, and soul of each one of us who is God’s unique, beloved creation.

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young woman surrounded by group of children

Moving the Army of God to Care for a Child

In our positions as priests, servants, or soldiers in the army of God, we can protect our children from the reality of violence, poverty, and abuse — if we have the presence of God with us.

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three people standing in circle, holding hands and praying

Staying Attached

Sometimes, it’s easy to fall more in love with doing the ministry than with the one who called us. And it’s easy to get tired or burned out doing the routine or difficult tasks.

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Wess Stafford washes the feet of a Leadership Development Program graduate on stage

Spirit of Service: What’s Really the Problem?

What’s preventing you from living out a Spirit of Service in your work environment or better yet, in your life?

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