The Battle is God’s

Do you ever feel so alone that you do not think anybody cares or understands your trouble? Are you so overwhelmed that you do not know where to turn?

The children of Israel lived a similar experience, as they faced a terrible enemy (1 Chronicles 5:18–22). Obviously, the Hagrites had a very powerful army and many allies. This was not the first time that the Reubenites waged war against them (see verse 10), so they knew what they were up against.

Out of desperation, they cried out to God. They knew that without God, their defeat was certain; they stood no chance of winning the battle. Only God could give them victory.

So it is in our ministry. Our best-laid plans cannot guarantee success. Our financial resources cannot buy the transformation we seek. Only God can do that.

Our ministry of “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name” is not a human endeavor; it is a spiritual battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of millions of children. So we have to rely on God for this battle.

This calls for more than just a quick prayer out of routine or obligation. We need to feel the desperation of the situation: Without God, we will face a sure defeat. We need to cry out to God for the sake of the children and their families.

group of men and women and children sitting and waiting

God answered the prayers of the children of Israel because they trusted in Him. Today also, we need to have faith in God’s powerful intervention in our ministry. He does care for His children, and He will intervene miraculously on their behalf. We can expect to see His hand in action — bringing salvation and transforming lives.

He has promised to do just that, and we can count on Him. “The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it” (1 Thessalonians 5:24). He will do it because this is His call. It is His battle.

They were helped . . . because… they cried out to him during the battle. He answered their prayers, because they trusted in him. . . . The battle was God’s. -1 Chronicles 5:20, 22b, NIV

Prayer: Lord, thank You for the opportunity of a new fiscal year. We commit our staff, sponsors, partners and children to You. We cry out to You, and we claim victory in Your name!

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  1. Rev. Eldrick lal July 2, 2012

    Through prayer, we can approach clarity of mind as we dispel ambiguities and quandaries. We also surrender our uncertainty to God’s powerful hands and trust him to lead us even through the valley of death.

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