Broken Home, Healed Heart

boy in a red shirt and denim pants sitting on a step holding a piece of paper

Shortly after Luis’ parents separated, his moods often changed from happy to sad. His heart was hurt and in need of much love.

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Sponsored Children Need Us to Be Jesus

hand on open bible

Sponsored children need to know that we love them and pray for them; they need our encouragement to do well in school and at the center, and to remember that Jesus loves them very much.

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children praying

A Summoning by Name

Acceptance of true salvation is a call to know Him and join Him. He wants a relationship with us.

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girls sitting outside playing with dolls

The Gift of Grace

God, in His mercy and grace, grants us salvation through His Son’s sacrifice, and the one and only thing we have to do is believe.

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sunset over a lake

A Fireball from God

What would God have to do in order to convince you that He exists and that He cares about you? Would it take a ball of fire suddenly appearing before you?

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a group of people standing on the street

From Voodoo Temple to Child Development Center

The property now housing the Simonette Child Development Center used to be a “peristil,” or Voodoo temple, where a well-known Voodoo priest named Sore ruled for several decades.

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hand pointing to word in open Bible

When God Gives Us His Spirit, It Is Recognizable

“I was taken to a small hut. The man inside the hut saw me and told the women that his spirits did not like the Holy Spirit inside me. He said that the women should go and bring another child to sacrifice.”

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Man and woman looking at a book

How Do You Start a Conversation About Jesus With a Total Stranger?

How do you start a conversation about Jesus with a total stranger? What’s the best way to talk to people about sin without making them feel worse and turning them away from Christ?

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Three children smiling.

Is Your Home Full of the Words of God?

Angelica and Miguel had dreams to study and prosper, but the couple had to start working right away, because their firstborn son was on his way. As their needs increased, there were no more opportunities for personal development or studies. It was necessary to take whatever job was available.

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two children standing in front of a doorway

There’s No More Idol Worship and the Difference Is Jesus

One evening Elizabeth attended a church service where she encountered Jesus Christ. Since then, life has not been the same for her and her grandchildren. Jesus is making the difference in her family.

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My Best Day in Ministry: The Day I Was Used Most by God

Dan Trumble, a managerial accountant in Finance Business Partner Support, tells a story of one man’s salvation brought about in a way that only God can orchestrate.

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