How Does Giving a Gift Help People in Poverty?

How Does Giving a Gift Help People in Poverty?

Have you ever given a Family Gift to the child you sponsor — or thought about giving one? Read the heartwarming stories of just a few families whose burdens have been lifted by the generosity of sponsors through a Family Gift!

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What Impact Does Giving a Family Gift Have in a Child’s Life?

What Impact Does Giving a Family Gift Have on a Child's Life?

After his accident, Biswanath lost all his expectations for life. He couldn’t find a job due to his weak leg. He struggled to provide for his family and began selling marijuana. The dark side of life grabbed him.

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Ask Jimmy Part 3 Leadership Development

Ask Jimmy: Leadership Development, Gifts and Prayer

What changes are in the works for our Leadership Development Program and how can you best meet the needs of the child you sponsor? Find out in the last part of the “Ask Jimmy” blog series.

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Birthday Card Ideas

Three Birthday Card Ideas for Your Sponsored Child

Everybody has one. Old or young, we all celebrate it. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small celebrations, we all look forward to a little acknowledgment that day – a little something from the world that says, “I see you.”

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christmas miracle kenya slums

A Christmas Miracle

A woman came running to our business and amid uncontrollable emotions and said, “I have seen some abandoned bags at a bush near our house and I think it may be the things stolen from you.”

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give more banner

A New Way to Give More to Your Sponsored Child

Beginning today through June 30, 2014, if you are a member of the Compassion Bloggers Network and you participate in at least three blogging assignments you will be eligible for our rewards program.

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Schools in Kenya Evans the teacher

25 Years After Child Sponsorship

Evans grew up during a time of critical political and socio-economic change at both a local and national level in Kenya. But Evans had other challenges to confront beyond politics.

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A man and two children sitting inside

A Doctor’s Visit Leaves Girl With HIV

When Marion and her father went to a local health center, the doctor used the same needle on both of them due to a shortage of supplies. Marion’s father was unaware of the danger this posed to his daughter.

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woman sitting with three children

The House a Family Gift Built

Joyce is a single mother of seven living in Tanzania. She describes life before our ministry saying, “To have full day meal to us would be a miracle worth celebration.”

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Can My Sponsored Child’s Siblings Be Sponsored, Too?

Our goal is to assist as many children and families as possible. In order to do this, we allow three children per family to be enrolled in our program.

However, the child development center staff is able to change that allowance to one or two children — based on the community’s needs. Particularly in Africa, one child registered per family tends to be the limit.

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young girl holding gifts

Does Giving Gifts to Our Sponsored Children Make a Difference?

One of my earliest lessons in the importance of our gifts came from Tausi (Tanzania). I began sponsoring her soon after her stated birth date (which later proved to be wrong, but…) and immediately sent a gift of $25.

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