Dignity and Diversity: Honoring the Children You’re Helping

Girl wearing a white shirt and a denim skirt. She is carrying a large silver bowl of water on her head and is standing in front of her home.

The Latin term “imago Dei” is one that I first heard in a college Bible study. I remember sprawling on the floor of our dorm lobby, rolling the funny words around in my mouth.

Imago Dei. Image of God. That phrase has meant a lot to me over the years. For an organization that works in 25 developing countries, each with its own cultures, languages and customs, it is so important to see the imago Dei in every church and child we work with. Simply put, we must always make sure we are honoring a child’s dignity.

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What Poverty Tourism Gets Wrong

A woman selling beans on a street in Kibera, where some people go for poverty tourism.

Is poverty tourism just a harmless way to gain insight into what it’s like to live in poverty? Sidney Muisyo explains the underlying and deeply flawed messages that slum tours are based on and can further ingrain in us. He also explains how you can visit an impoverished community in a way that is mutually honoring and beneficial.

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A man stoops on the ground with a young boy on his back.

6 Ways to Write Your Child As If You’ve Met Them

You may never have the chance to visit your sponsored child, but you can learn from those who have visited tips on how to write great letters!

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A woman in a black shirt checks the mail out of a box on the front porch of a house.

Namesakes: Why Children in Uganda Are Named After This Woman

She’s not a politician or known worldwide. So why does this retired postal worker have three children in Uganda named after her and her husband?

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An up-close of fingers making the peace sign. Text: The Enneagram, the Gospel and Poverty

Can the Enneagram Help You Respond to Poverty?

We serve a God who cares deeply for the marginalized in society. The Bible is filled with holy calls for justice and compassion. But sometimes this call seems so colossal, we don’t know where to begin. But when we understand how we’re wired, our journey in helping those around us can become much more robust and tangible.

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Two people, Jimmy and Leanne Mellado, pose for a group photo with a group of children in Bolivia.

One Thing Compassion’s President Has Learned as a Father

As a dad, granddad and president and CEO of Compassion International, one thing I’ve learned is how powerful extraordinary experiences are in a child’s life. It’s our privilege as parents, teachers, coaches and all people who love children to fill their lives with these types of experiences — experiences that will grow the heart and character of Jesus in them.

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3 Inspiring Women Standing Up for Children in Poverty - Paige and child she sponsors Susan

3 Inspiring Women Standing Up for Children in Poverty

We’re celebrating the inspiring Lifeway women who have made the incredible stand for kids in poverty by reaching 15,000 child sponsorships!

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Dear Sponsors, Kids Share What They Love Most About You

Sponsors give love, joy and so many smiles! We asked Compassion students in Sri Lanka about their sponsors, and they shared how much they really mean to them.

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How Does Compassion International Protect Children From Abuse?

How Does Compassion Protect Sponsored Children From Abuse?

We are passionate about ensuring that children in poverty are known, loved and protected. Therefore, child protection is foundational to our ministry. That’s why we have developed, and continue to develop, robust training, policies and networks to both prevent and respond to abuse.

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Do Children at Compassion Have More Than One Sponsor?

Do Children in the Compassion Program Have More Than One Sponsor?

Have you ever wondered if the child you support has multiple sponsors? We’ve found our approach to be transformational to every child and sponsor.

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An Amazing Meeting That Was Fourteen Years in the Making

An Amazing Meeting That Was 14 Years in the Making

Andrews had been holding onto a prayer in his heart since he was 6 years old. He asked God to make a way for him to meet the friend who had shown so much love to him and his family. Fourteen years later, his prayer was unexpectedly and spectacularly answered.

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Compassion Sunday: Why Your Faith Should Make You Sweat a Little

Why Your Faith Should Make You Sweat a Little Bit

Our culture praises comfort and ease. With online shopping, pre-made dinners and social media, it would be entirely possible to live our lives without ever leaving the comfort of our own homes. I know, I know … that’s extreme, but the reality is that fewer and fewer of my friends are willing to take risks.

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