How Does Sponsorship Help Kids Emotionally?

A pastor of a church in Nicaragua wears a pink button-down shirt and smiles as he sits next to two smiling young boys

Poverty places children at physical risk, but it also places them at risk of damage within. It robs them of the belief that they matter, that they have value and that they can dream of — and achieve — a different future. Breaking down destructive thought patterns and helping children see themselves for who they really are — beloved by God and capable of changing their circumstances — is vital to helping them break free from emotional poverty. But it isn’t easy.

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5 Helpers Caring for Kids Behind the Scenes

A woman is surrounded by children, hugging her.

My favorite thing to do when visiting a Compassion center is to look for the helpers. I hug the cook and thank her for lunch. I find a tutor and tell her how the sacrifices she makes are changing lives. And I shake hands with a pastor and thank him for showing each precious child the love of Jesus. Today, will you wander with me to find the helpers?

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A girl in a red plaid dress over a white collared shirt sits at a table with a pencil in hand, smiling.

Why This Girl No Longer Thinks She Is a Failure

“I am stupid, I am stupid, I am stupid.” For Sharith there was no other explanation. She must be stupid, she thought, because she couldn’t understand anything she was being taught at school. At age 7, Sharith was a first grader for the second time, but her school performance wasn’t getting any better. Her schoolmates made fun of her. Her mother, Yeimi, began to wonder if she should take Sharith out of school …

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Who Helps the Children Write Letters to Compassion Sponsors?

Who Helps the Children Write Letters to You?

On today’s Compassion Letter Club blog, meet the dedicated tutors at Pentecostal Child Development Center in Honduras. They’ll encourage you in your letter journey with a behind-the-scenes look at letter-writing day and how they help the students connect with their sponsors!

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little boy sitting on ladder reading a letter

Your Important Letter Questions Answered by Those in the Know!

We’re asking the very people who process, deliver and read your letters the questions you’ve always wanted to know. What are your letter-writing questions?

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family walking along dirt road in a village

Remembering Abigail

Abigail lives in Ghana, is the youngest of six siblings, and her father died when she was three years old. Abigail taught her sponsor to enjoy letters from preschool and early elementary children.

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man and woman with two girls

Silent Heroes

Silent heroes don’t show off or stand out, and almost never appear in pictures or headlines. These are the genuine heroes, the ones whose hard work makes things happen in the lives of children.

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group of Mexican teens

Meeting the Needs of Teens in Mexico

Teens in Mexico want to know more about sports, their bodies and the physical changes they were facing. They also want to know about sexuality and issues such as alcohol and drug abuse.

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children walking on a door bridge

Mean Words Hurt

Calling someone “negro chocoano” is offensive; it shows discrimination because of skin color. Juan, a sponsored child, has been deeply hurt by these words.

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A woman and girl playing a game with their hands

The Two Most Important Elements of a Child’s Education

Behind our work in Colombia, hides a shy face, a brave woman who gives her life for those in need, who kneels down to hear and embrace those who have become her passion. A woman who exemplifies perseverance and who has opened her heart for the hundreds of children who attend Esperanza de Vida Child Development Center.

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