Your Important Letter Questions Answered by Those in the Know!

For the last year, I’ve been able to write a blog post each month for Compassion’s Letter-Writing Club. I’ve loved sharing with sponsors tips on letter-writing as well as photos and stories about the impact of letters.

But I have a secret for you. I’m not an expert on letter-writing.

I mean, sure, I’m a sponsor who writes letters. I’m a Compassion employee who has met children who can’t wait to show me the letters they keep in a treasured spot.

But often, I get stumped by the questions I am asked about letters. That’s why, this year, we are going to focus on finding “people in the know” to answer your questions about letter-writing.

  • We’re going to ask the tutors who help teach the child you sponsor how to write letters.

  • We’re going to ask the translators who make it possible for that special student to read your letters.

  • We’re going to ask the folks in our letter-processing department who help make sure you and the child you sponsor receive each other’s letters.

  • And, perhaps most importantly, we’re going to ask kids and graduates about the actual impact of receiving letters from their sponsors.

But we need your help! We already have some questions in mind, but do you have a burning question that you’d like us to take to an expert?

Leave your questions about letter-writing in the comments, and throughout 2018 we’ll do our best to answer them!

And while you’re at it, go ahead and write the child you sponsor today – your questions, and yes, even frustrations, shouldn’t ever keep you from sending that important kiddo a “Hello!”

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  1. Denise Christie February 12, 2018

    I was told that my letters are I the translation department. How long does that take? I want my sponsored child to receive her birthday card before her birthday that is why I sent it almost 2 months early.

    1. Sarah
      Sarah February 13, 2018

      Hi Denise! Thank you so much for sending a sweet birthday card to your child in time for her birthday! I do see that your letter has actually finished processing as of February 7th and should be delivered to her this month :). Processing can normally take up to six weeks.

  2. Chris Belchak January 30, 2018

    Where do I find the letters that my child has written to me? I cannot seem to find a link on the website to find them. I know that I read them once but can not find them again!

    1. Christina
      Christina January 30, 2018

      Hi Chris! I’m happy to help you locate your child’s letters! To view your letters online, please follow the steps below:

      1. Go to
      2. Click on My Account
      3. Enter your username and password
      4. Click on Login
      5. Click on Write My Child on the left side of the screen
      6. Click on My Letters on the left side of the screen

      Please let us know if you have any issues following the above steps. If you do not remember your username or password, we can provide that to you privately and reset your password for you. If you’d like us to do this for you, please let us know and we will take care of this for you. Have a blessed day!

  3. Sarah Cross January 15, 2018

    We have a list of topics which we are asked to avoid. I am wondering if the kids are also discouraged from talking about certain things.

  4. Jennifer O. January 12, 2018

    If this shows up twice, I apologize. It’s not showing on my end.

    I’m a new sponsor, and I’m sponsoring a 3yo girl in Peru. I understand that her letters will be written by a family member or tutor for a while since she is young. So, what kinds of things can you talk about in your letters to someone that you? I don’t want to offend her family!

  5. Kate January 12, 2018

    I’d like to know ideally how frequently should we write the letters. I usually write once a month or every other month -not sure if that is too much or too little or just right 🙂 Also timing wise, how long does it take from when I mail the letter to when my child actually gets it. I know in the past it has been around 3 months but not sure if its faster now.

  6. Cathy Owen January 11, 2018

    I agree with Yvonne, great questions! Also, is it harder to translate greetings cards that I’ve bought myself and written? Is it too much to ask the translators to translate a short picture book if I send one?

    1. Karen Sheets January 22, 2018

      We can’t send short picture books.

  7. Mark January 10, 2018

    Is it appropriate to mention monetary gifts in letters? For example, if you’ve given extra money towards a birthday or Christmas gift, is it a good idea to mention that when writing?

  8. Laura Bracklein January 10, 2018

    I’m sometimes stumped on what to write a 13 year old boy. I’m pretty much writing all my letters on line. It’s been ages since I’ve sent anything in the mail. Everything I can think of seems like it would be for a little kid. Any suggestions on either would be greatly appreciated?

  9. Shannon January 10, 2018

    Hi everyone! Thank you all for contributing such great questions! We’ll be answering questions like this and more this year on the Compassion Letter Club – So be sure to check it out! -Shannon

  10. Kim January 10, 2018

    My ,daughter’ just graduated. How does a sponsored child transition from going to school, learning about Jesus, getting support from teachers to daily living in her/his town? My child often asked me when she would see me. What is the appropriate way to answer this question?

  11. Raphael Kenga January 10, 2018

    Am Raphael and am coming from Ganze ,I would like this Organization to reach my area to save children from poverty

    1. Sarah
      Sarah January 11, 2018

      Hi Raphael! Please email us at for information on partnership.

  12. Mary January 10, 2018

    I usually send a letter, on-line, about every 2-3 weeks. Once I send it, how long does it take before it’s received by the 5 year old we sponsor? Also, when I mail stickers to Colorado to be included in a box to Ghana, is there a way to know when it’s received?

  13. Claire Button January 10, 2018

    Do we get a final goodbye letter from our sponsored child? We were expecting to stop sponsoring her this month when she turned 22 having been sponsoring her since she was 6 but in September we suddenly got the letter & certificate saying thank you for changing a life & that was it. We wrote one last letter to her, but don’t know if we will get one back from her. It was a bit of an abrupt end that we weren’t expecting quite so soon.

    1. Sarah
      Sarah January 11, 2018

      Hi Claire! Since this is a personal question, I think we need to get you an answer on this now instead of through a blog sometime during this year. Are you sponsoring through Compassion UK? I wasn’t able to find your account with your email address and I noticed it was a UK one :). If you sponsor through them, please email them with your question at I know they’d be happy to help you!

  14. NANNETTE LAPORTE January 10, 2018

    I write both of my sponsor girls alot, 1.Are the translators bothered by how mant letters I’m sending?
    2.Am I overwhelming my girls by the amount of letters I send? 3.Do my girls reallt like the stickers and bookmarks I send them with my mailed letters?

  15. Emily Retter January 9, 2018

    When I go to prayers on the website I find suggestions for prayer for each child. How do you arrive at the suggestions for prayer? They are different for each child, which leads me to think that that child may be going through this difficulty right now. Is that the case? Are there any other ways that I can learn what difficulties and joys my children are going through now in addition to their letters?

  16. Laura January 9, 2018

    I agree that this is a great idea, and I’m looking forward to reading the responses you receive. I love all of the questions that Yvonne asked here in the comments. In addition, I’d like to know how appropriate it is to share affection in letters. Do the children generally enjoy terms of endearment, like “sweetie,” etc.? Do they like to be told that we love them? Or does it make children in some cultures uncomfortable? Is it appropriate and appreciated to write that we love them in our very first letter, or wait till we get to know them better? I have some children who seem to thrive on affection shared in letters, but there are others who have never told me that they love me or shared any words of affection at all. I’ve always heard that we should tell them we love them often, but it’s a little difficult to keep doing that, when you don’t know how it is being received.

  17. Chantel Conrad January 9, 2018

    For the kids and graduates: Does it get overwhelming if you receive too many letters at one time?

  18. Kristi January 9, 2018

    How meaningful is it to the kids to receive coloring pages and/or stickers?

  19. Brian Galloway January 9, 2018

    How often should I write? What kind of file attachments are allowed?

  20. Alex esau January 9, 2018

    How can I get someone to sponsor the homeless kids I am dealing with to school?

    1. Sarah
      Sarah January 11, 2018

      Hello Alex! Please email us at for more information.

  21. Yvonne Reynolds January 9, 2018

    What a great idea! Here are a couple to ask the kids: how often would you like to receive letters?, what would you like us to share in our letters?, when we send photos, what would you like to see? For the translators: what phrases or words that we use are hard to translate? For the tutors: how can we encourage our kids who don’t seem to write very much, or say the same things in every letter? For letter-processing: what things do we send that hold up our letters from being sent quickly?

    1. Beth January 9, 2018

      Hi Yvonne. Regarding your question about what kids like sponsors to share in their letters: One of my boys once wrote me that he loves to hear about my son (they are about the same age), so obviously he was interested in what life is like for a boy his age in another country. I’m sure there are many different answers to that question, depending on which children you ask, and it would be fun to hear some more ideas, for both the letters and the photos!

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