Top 10 Instagram Photos of 2015

Through our Instagram photos, we strive to tell the stories of the children and families our programs serve. We not only want to share in their joys and hardships, but to celebrate their talents and personalities.

If you haven’t had a chance to join our community over on Instagram, here’s a recap of some of the beauty, joy and adorableness you would have found there this year.

10. June 29: Pearly Whites

9. February 17: Letters to Remember

8. July 24: Budding Artist

7. July 22: Swing Low

6. October 5: Walk This Way

5. October 28: Sleepyhead

4. November 17: Weight of the World*

3. July 20: Little Chickens

2. November 19: Bed Full o’ Babies

1. July 13: Prayers of a Child

This picture was hands down our favorite…and yours too. Because not only does it show the sweet fervent prayer of Nicholas and his friends, but it provided an opportunity for people to pray together for the children they have invested in through sponsorship. We got such an overwhelming response from our followers! Check out The Instagram Prayers of Sponsors to join in the prayers that were inspired by this photo.

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NOTE FROM EDITOR: This content honors Compassion’s historical work in India. While we no longer have an India sponsorship program, we are grateful for the lives changed and meaningful work achieved through our sponsors and donors in our nearly 50 years there. For a detailed explanation of the end of our sponsorship program in India, please visit:

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  1. Maureen Caughell December 14, 2015

    These are amazing! No way you cannot smile when you look at these phots. Honored to be a part of Compassion!

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