You will Fall in Love with this Child – Guaranteed!

fall in love Judah’s funny, full of life, joyful and silly. And you are going to fall in love with him — guaranteed!

You can also view You will Fall in Love with this Child – Guaranteed! on YouTube.

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    Ann December 6, 2018

    So beautiful. I found out my sponsored child has a heart defect. I am praying it has been healed either by God’s miraculous touch or through the miracle of the doctors he will have sent Juan’s way through Compassion. I am humbled to be able to share in his life by being his sponsor.

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    OrganizedGeorge January 29, 2015

    Thank you for sharing Judah’s story. My 5- and 8-year-olds watched this with me and are deciding to use their “give-bank” money toward sponsoring a child through Compassion.

    Good job, Judah (and mom).

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    Jamie April 16, 2014

    This was so touching, made me cry! So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your sweet son’s story. God bless your lovely family.

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    Jill Foley April 8, 2014

    This is beautiful!!

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