3 Ways to Write to the Child You Sponsor

Paralyzed by the thought of mailing anything? Tired of technology? There’s a writing method for you — here’s how to figure out what it is.

Young girl wearing a dress with a white bodice and a black skirt. She is standing in an open doorway of her home and she is holding a letter from her sponsor.

I have issues with mailing stuff. When I do manage to plow through the apparent force field surrounding the post office to get a package sent, I hear thunderous applause in my head. When I find the strength to walk to my mailbox and flip up that flag, I affix an invisible gold star to my shirt for adulting like a boss. Because usually, letters go unwritten and packages are forgotten in my car until it’s too late to send them. So I’m very thankful there are ways to write to the children I sponsor that don’t involve the mail.

Whether or not you share my mail issues, experiment with these three ways to write to the child you sponsor until you find your preferred method.

1. Mobile App

blue outline of a hand holding a mobile deviceThe newest way to write to the child you sponsor is through Compassion’s mobile app. Start by downloading the free app for iOS or Android to your mobile device and logging in. If you’ve ever logged in to “My Account” through compassion.com, it’s the same username and password you use there. If not, you can set up your “My Account” login in the app.

The mobile app shows you how long it’s been since you sent your last letter. To get that number down to zero, tap the “write” icon at the bottom. You can even set a reminder for the next time you want to write. The app also makes it easy to share the photos you snap on your phone of your day-to-day experiences.

The mobile app is your best option if you:

  • Feel confused every time your phone rings. Why can’t everyone just text you?
  • Tend to write emails on your smartphone while you’re on a hike, at the beach or even in the line at the grocery store.
  • Are always on the go and rarely in front of a desktop computer or laptop.
  • Need a reminder to pop up on your phone in order to remember anything these days.

2. Online Writing Tool

Blue outline of a computer monitorThe online tool offers a lot of the same options as the mobile app, but it’s the best choice if you’re sitting at a computer when you’re ready to write. Log in to “My Account” at compassion.com and click “Write My Child” in the left-hand navigation. Then you’ll be able to choose from colorful stationery for your letter, or you can send a card instead. If you forgot what you or your child said to each other last time, you’ll find all your previous letters available to refresh your memory.

The online writing tool is your best option if you:

  • Write to several kids — like this woman who writes to 52 children in poverty!
  • Spend most of your screen time at a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Don’t like to write texts or emails on your phone’s wee keyboard.
  • Can never remember to buy stamps.

3. Mail

Blue outline of an envelopeWriting a letter on a sheet of paper or stationery goes back to the early days of Compassion. Putting pen to paper can feel more intentional and personal than typing, and you may want the child you sponsor to see your handwriting.

Here’s how this process works. You write to your child using the stationery Compassion included with the last letter you received. Or you can write on your own paper, being sure to include the child’s name and Compassion ID number, plus your name and supporter ID number on every sheet of paper that you include in the envelope. When Compassion receives the letter, an employee will scan it, creating a copy virtually indistinguishable from the original. Then that copy is sent to the staff at your child’s development center, who prints it out on paper. Your child receives the tangible letter from you in your own handwriting.

Mail is best if you:

  • Like the intentionality and personal touch of a handwritten letter.
  • Would rather not bother with technology.
  • Are better at adulting than I am.
  • Like “snail mail” because it makes you picture a snail in a Postal Service uniform delivering tiny letters.

Of course, the kids don’t care what the letters look like or how long they are — they are just overjoyed to receive messages from their sponsors. I’ve had the honor of visiting dozens of homes of children in Compassion’s program, and I have seen firsthand how important sponsors’ letters are to them. Children cherish these letters — keeping them in a safe space so they can pull them out and read them again and again. Sponsors’ letters provide a much-needed source of hope and encouragement.

So no matter which of the three ways you write to the child you sponsor, the most important thing is to actually make it happen. Then give yourself a gold star! You did a thing!

Enjoy this sweet video of children reading letters from their sponsors and sharing words of encouragement.


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  1. Dave Muba March 11, 2022

    My name is Dave Muba and i was asking if i can get a sponsor. I am ambitious and i am a great photographer, now am not working because of lack of good equipments, I was bagging you reading this or anyone to help me with 5000$ so that i can finish building ky studio and buy the cameras and lights. I would really appreciate and praise whoever will help me with this.. I cant do it on my own am bagging you guys.. i know u only help kids but I really really need your help. I grew up without parents. There is two in our family me and my sister. Am currently 23 years old. I couldn’t finish school because I couldn’t pay school fees. So I started doing photography for 2 years then I stopped because I wanted to do it professionally so that i can earn more money and help my sister and her kids. But until now i feel stuck because I don’t have any other job but I only have a place to build a studio. Please help your fellow Christian. I live in Africa. Arusha,Tanzania.

    Think is not a scam. I really need your help.
    I am so depressed and giving up and i hate to feel like this. I hope u find it in your heart to help me.
    Thank you.❤️

    1. Grace March 14, 2022

      Hi Dave! Thank you very much for reaching out to us regarding your photography. Please know that we have received your email and we will be replying to you soon. God bless!

  2. Mary June 15, 2021

    I am sponsoring a child in El Salvador and would like to send stickers, or even post it notes with encouraging messages. Will these be delivered or just scanned?

    1. Nicole June 15, 2021

      Hi, Mary! That is a great question! Stickers can be sent to your child in El Salvador, but the post it notes will be scanned for translation purposes. ? I hope this helps and please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions.

  3. Tiah May 18, 2021

    Can we still send paper type things in the mail? I know before covid we could send stickers or bookmarks. I really want to send one of those 3D pop up greeting cards. But didn’t know if it will just copied and sent electronically? Which would defeat the purpose of getting it 3D.

    1. Jesse May 19, 2021

      Hello Tiah! That is a great question, thanks for asking! We encourage you to send letters and cards as often as possible! Although our letter guidelines have not changed, you can still send pop-up cards however anything with writing on it must be scanned first, for translation purposes, before being sent physically. Therefore, we recommend not putting any writing on the pop up card, except your child’s name or ID, and to include your letter on a separate piece of paper! That way your pop up card won’t get any damage from scanning! Hope this helps. God bless!

  4. Keith Gale April 8, 2021

    could someone point me in the direction to send a handwritten letter? Thank You

    1. Kaye-Lin April 9, 2021

      Hi Keith! Thank you for wanting to send your sponsored kiddo a hand written letter! 🙂 You can send your letter to this address:

      Compassion International
      Colorado Springs, CO 80997

      Please include your name, sponsor number, your child’s name, and your child’s number on your letter. We will then process it through for your kiddo! If you have any other questions, please send us an email at [email protected]. We are happy to help! Blessings!

  5. Mary March 18, 2021

    How can I write to my sponsored child’s mother or caregiver to encourage her too?

    1. Christina March 18, 2021

      Hi Mary! I’ve already responded to your other comment here, but I wanted to make sure you received our answer. We truly appreciate your heart for our ministry and your desire to send your child’s parent an encouraging letter! Although you are not able to send letters directly to your child’s mother, you may absolutely write a special note in your next letter to Milton. After your message to Milton, you can also write a portion that is addressed to his mother. It is very normal for a child to take their letter home to show their family, especially when there is a note in the letter for the parent. Please rest assured that if his mother cannot read, then a tutor will gladly read it to her as well. Thank you for being in the Compassion family!

  6. Mary July 17, 2020

    Thank you for sending this sweet video. How we love those little faces!!
    A good reminder to stay right here on my computer and write to my 4 so far away.

    1. Ashton Young July 17, 2020

      Hi, Mary! We love hearing that these blogs encourage you in writing your kiddos! <3

  7. Bob Mickey July 13, 2020

    The video would be much more enjoyable and impactful without the music drowning out the children’s voices.

    1. Taryn July 14, 2020

      Hello Bob, thank you so much for the feedback. We are sorry for the poor music balance in the video. We will take that into consideration for future posts. ? ~ Taryn

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