How My Own Family Enslaved Me

The silhouette of two people throwing a fishing net into a lake.

Brenya’s aunt said she was taking him to another village to go to school. But instead he was forced into unpaid labor on Lake Volta.

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Ghana Culture and Traditions

Traditions of Ghana: Warrior King

Until its independence, Ghana was known as the Gold Coast. It was renamed Ghana, meaning “Warrior King,” to reflect the ancient Ghana Empire that flourished in West Africa during the 10th century.

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A girl who was trapped inside by a Ghana superstition wears a light blue sweatshirt and patterned dress smiles, standing next to a column in front of a black and white wall.

Trapped Inside for 8 Years, Sabina Is Now Free

Because of a superstition in her community in Ghana, this sweet girl was never allowed outside — for the first eight years of her life. Sabina wasn’t able to go to school, make friends or attend any public gatherings. Learn what the superstition was — and how sponsorship is ensuring children like Sabina are known, loved and protected!

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Hydrocephalus Philip Top Blogs 2015

They Told Me To Leave Him By the River

When his brain started to swell to the point that 5-year-old Joseph couldn’t hold it up or even walk, a local spiritualist told Afua to leave him by the river to be claimed by a river god. That’s when the local church stepped in.

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Financial Independence Money

Gaining Financial Independence through the Highly Vulnerable Children Fund

Gladys is the single mother of five children from two marriages. Both of her husbands passed away and she has single-handedly toiled to take care of her children. She tried selling all kinds of things, from secondhand clothing and dishes to vegetables and fried doughnuts. Even though two of her children, Paulina and Michael, were enrolled at a Compassion Child Development Center in Ghana, there was still not much relief. So Paulina was selected to receive aid from our Highly Vulnerable Children’s Fund.

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christmas in ghana meal

Christmas in Ghana

In Ghana, Christmas is a special occasion for both Christians and non-Christians, with celebrations revolving around large family gatherings and feasts

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young woman holding handmade jewelry

How Can Jewelry Making Provide Hope and an Education?

While we want every child to attain the highest possible level of formal education, not all children are meant to be academicians. This is why our staff in Ghana expose children to extracurricular activities that often lead to income-generating ventures.

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man with a young boy

Almost Buried Alive

In the Basofi Ningo culture and tradition, a child who dies must be buried at once. It is taboo to keep a body unburied for too long so Sandra’s family did not want to waste time sending her to a hospital.

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getting to zero

HIV/AIDS: Getting to Zero

The World Health Organization reports that the African region is the most affected by HIV/AIDS, where 1.8 million people acquired the virus in 2009 alone. This means African nations must intensify their campaign against the disease, and Ghana is no exception.

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Water of Life: Filtering Water From the Akora River

Ekwamkrom is a community blessed with a natural water body, the Akora River, which serves as the major source of water for all household needs. But the river is a mixed blessing.

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Interview With a Compassion Child Development Center Coordinator

Interview With a Compassion Child Development Center Coordinator

Godfred Abbey is the center coordinator at Manheam New Life Child Development Center in Ghana. He plays an important role in the lives of sponsored children.

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good harvest

Investing in a Good Harvest

Despite Martin’s hard work and a good harvest, he remained unable to provide adequately for his family. With nearly every harvest he would lose all of his profit to the market money lenders from whom he buys his seeds and equipment.

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