Changing the World One Unique Passion at a Time

Everybody wants to change the world. But we don’t always know where to start.

Here are three stories of people who decided to start right where they are. People who used their unique passions to rally friends and family to release children from poverty together.

Check out how these amazing world-changers took the simple step of creating their own Act for Compassion online fundraising campaigns … and made an eternal impact.

1. Matt’s Epic Ride

When he was just a little kid, Matt Balmer dreamed that one day he would bike across America. Fast-forward to 2016, when Matt and his dad, Ken, decided to bike a grueling 3,050 miles from San Diego to St. Augustine, Fla.

This wasn’t just the fulfillment of a childhood dream. Matt asked friends and family to show their support by donating to help kids in impoverished communities around the world make their dreams a reality, too!

Matt and Ken knocked it out of the park. They made it coast to coast in 47 days – and never even got rained on. When they set out, Matt hoped to raise $3,050. Not only did he beat his goal by $150, his story and willingness to take action inspired a friend to match the total amount they raised and offer it to relief efforts for the Ecuador earthquake, which took place while they were on the trip.

Talk about a story that reaches far and wide – across the United States and beyond!

Changing the World One Unique Passion at a Time

2. Sara’s Art (with a Heart)

Sara Drescher Braswell is passionate about helping children. So passionate that she’s created a series of paintings, hand-embellished prints and notecards that shine a spotlight on the needs of children in poverty.

In Sara’s words, these pieces of art “represent the light of hope and the seeds of the future. They also speak about the love that God has for each of us. He sees the light and potential in all of us.” This is a message that kids in poverty are seldom told, but so desperately need to know.

As Sara uses her gifts in such a meaningful way, she is dedicating every painting to provide children with tangible relief and a brighter future through our local church partners.

Changing the World One Unique Passion at a Time

3. Courtney and Will’s New Kind of Wedding Gift

Courtney Sheets is getting married. And she and her fiancé, Will, created a less-than-traditional wedding registry. They invited guests to donate a small gift that would provide hope for children in our program who need it most.

As the couple says, “To us a small gift of $20 would help buy a nice toaster, but to them $20 has the power to change their lives forever!”

It’s pretty impressive when someone chooses to take their special day – a day that the world says is all about you – and give it up to make an eternal difference. We’ve seen other people like Courtney and Will take action by donating their birthdays, anniversaries and other major milestones. Talk about something worth celebrating!

Changing the World One Unique Passion at a Time

The money brought in by these amazing fundraisers goes straight to meeting the most urgent needs facing the kids and teens in our program and their families – ones that general sponsorship funds can’t cover. Here are just a few examples of the critical needs these funds help provide:

• Immediate care for orphans
• Disaster relief
• Clean water
• Toilets and hygiene
• Emergency medical care
• Education and training programs for caregivers
• Extra nutritional support

Talk about a life-changing gift!

These incredible stories came true because everyday people decided to use their unique passions – things they were already doing anyways – to change lives forever.

Ready to create a story of your own? You can do it too! Explore and create your own online campaign – either to raise funds for children in need, or to find loving sponsors for children who are waiting!

Everybody wants to change the world. And it starts with one act.

Changing the World One Unique Passion at a Time

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    it good to give back to such initiative a spacial to children JOB well done

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