Charity Streaming: A New Way To Help Children in Poverty

A boy uses a computer lab at his Compassion center in Bolivia.

Gamers, streamers and content creators across the world are participating in charity streaming, where they are using their time and talent to raise money for causes they are passionate about in partnership with their favorite nonprofit organizations — including Compassion.

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How These Sponsors Raised $120,000 for Children in Poverty

A group of beneficiary children are standing outside with their heads together and are looking down at the camera.

Thinking about hosting a fundraiser for charity but not sure where to start? Matt Vermeer is a sponsor in Michigan who co-founded a golf fundraiser 10 years ago that has raised $120,000 for Compassion and helped find sponsors for 17 children! We asked him to share his secrets to hosting a successful fundraiser that people can’t wait to attend.

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Changing the World One Unique Passion at a Time

Changing the World One Unique Passion at a Time

Everybody wants to change the world. But we don’t always know where to start. Here are three stories of people who decided to start right where they are. People who used their unique passions to rally friends and family to release children from poverty together.

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Change a Life, Act for Compassion

It’s Easier to Change a Life Than You Think

Eradicating child poverty across the globe – that sounds like a daunting task. But what if I told you that, by using what you’re already doing in your everyday life, you can play a significant part in achieving that goal?

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Act for Brazil Facbook

Act for Brazil

In Northeastern Brazil, children are highly vulnerable to trafficking and nearly half the teenagers don’t have the ability to attend school. But through the new Act for Compassion platform that we are launching today, we can all be a part of changing the story for the children and communities there.

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Skip a Meal signs

One Meal One Day: Skip a Meal to Feed a Family

If you skip a meal, how can you feed an entire family? Hear how one teenager started a movement at her school to help fight world hunger…and how you can join her.

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How to Save a Life Egg

How to Save a Life With an Egg

When one of the children or youth enrolled in our program has a medical crisis, the Compassion staff and church partners in that country will do whatever they can to help. But what about a child who isn’t enrolled in our program?

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man holding girl on his lap

Why I Do Something Good

Life went from very easy to incredibly hard for I Won’t Watch founder E. J. Swanson. He has known what it’s like to live with and to live without.

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young girl embracing smiling man

Stop Watching and Start Doing

When EJ Swanson stood in his sponsored child’s tiny, nearly un-liveable house with walls leaning sideways, spiders in the rafters and a muddy floor, it hit him: “Sooner or later, we have to stop watching, and do something!”

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Ghanaian woman and children posing for camera

How Can Sponsorship Help Prevent Child Slavery?

JD’s sponsored child did not know that child slavery was happening in his own country — to children just like him. And, JD did not know that she was helping prevent this from happening to him.

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runner competing in race

Compassion Changes Everything

I was competing in Ironman St. George, arguably the most difficult Ironman course in the world. I’ve been a competitive Ironman triathlete for years and I was having one of the worst races of my career.

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lemonade stand

Got Any Great Fundraising Ideas?

We have this spot where we can share our fundraising ideas and experiences. Bake sales, aluminum can drives, Compassion parties, golf tournaments, lemonade stands — this is the place to bring it. If you’ve organized an event already, please share what you did. What worked? What didn’t work? What would you do differently?

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