How To Use Your Facebook For Good

Have you ever thought of how to use your Facebook for good? You can share encouraging posts. But here’s a way you can use it to change a child’s life!

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Compassion’s Top 10 Favorite Instagram Posts of 2018

Our Instagram photos, videos and stories reflect the hope found by children and their families that we serve around the world. Through the love of supporters, Compassion staff and Jesus, they are breaking the chains of poverty. Here are Compassion International’s top 10 favorite Instagram posts of 2018.

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This Remarkable Community Is Now 100,000 People Strong

On Feb, 12, we reached 100,000 followers on Instagram! Let’s celebrate together as we look back at highlights and notable milestones you’ve made possible over the years.

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What Gives You Peace?

We think the world needs to hear more stories about peace right now. From the state of our broken world and global worries all the way down to our personal day-to-day troubles, worry and helplessness can threaten to overtake us. We asked you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram what gave you peace. You shared with the world through stories, pictures and videos how you experience God’s peace that passes all understanding with #GivesMePeace.

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How to Be an Effective Social Media Slacktivist

We shout at the world from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with indignation. We share our opinions and links to news stories we think everyone needs to see. We change our profile pictures in support of the victims. Anything to say to the world: I care. This. This matters!

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Hashtags are a cultural phenomenon. And today we are having a little fun with our friend, the hashtag.

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Expand Your World with Our New iPad Magazine

Magazines are fantastic. But, living in this digital age, more and more of us are opting for electronic versions of our favorite reads. And because we want to meet you where you ‘live,’ we created something special — the Compassion iPad magazine!

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Sharing a Moment in Time

How long does it take to change a child’s life? Just. One. Minute.

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Come Pin With Us!

Did you know that we’re on Pinterest? You can find us here:

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What Is Geotagging, and What Does It Have to Do With My Sponsored Child?

As a child advocacy organization, we believe that children should be kept safe and protected in all situations, including online.

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Social Media Marketing

Hi. I’m your Compassion internet communications specialist. I specialize in being especially excited about web stuff.

Do I have fun on occasion? You bet. Is most of it work? Always, and did I mention that saving kids from poverty is my commitment? No? Well, there you go.

Recently I was sent by Compassion to the Forrester’s Consumer Forum which is a think-tank of an organization in the marketing industry.

Forrester speaks precisely about ways companies can target trends and future ideas for getting a product or organization into the eyes of the public through social media.

Some serious marketing research takes place. Seriously.

I was there to learn from the experts about social networking techniques for the internet.

Now I see those wheels turning. Compassion’s trying to be trendy? Compassion looks at the future of the marketing industry? Compassion sees a child as a product?

Well, sort of.

What I discovered in the forum is that huge corporations are dishing out millions if not billions to give their products a pleasing experience that you can relate to.

A pleasing experience with toothpaste? A pleasing experience with credit cards?

How about the experience of sponsoring a child?

I am proud to say that Compassion is doing exactly what it should, from a social media perspective, to help children in poverty.

We are giving the world a true experience of a child sponsorship.

Through churches, through word of mouth, through the internet, through this blog and through our social networks such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter,

Compassion is changing lives.

Yes, the world is changing and we at Compassion are changing with it, and that’s a good move, right? That’s a healthy choice you can agree with, right?

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